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[From "Why Do You Consume Secular Content?"]

At risk of reproaching fellow Christians, I am continually surprised by how much secular content they consume. From Facebook to TikTok, from Hollywood movies to pop music, I suspect the average Christian is bombarding his soul with several hours of secular content per week. Do they not know that this consumption may be separating them from God and weakening their faith?

When I first returned to God in the spring of 2019, I was wholly immersed in secular culture. I made several Twitter posts a day (usually about politics or the misbehavior of women), listened to popular music, watched movies, consumed all manner of YouTube videos, and read self-help books[…]
It is three years going and I’m still tapering myself off secular content—that’s how entwined it was into my life[…]
First I quit the modern music, rationalizing that “oldies” was okay, but an examination of their woman-idolizing lyrics revealed that oldies wasn’t safe either[…]
May I ask you why you consume the creations of non-Christians, of those who don’t live by Christ, of those who don’t glorify Him?[…]Why do you watch movies produced and directed by Jews who hate Lord Jesus Christ and view abortion as a sacrament?[…]
I’ve since become highly averse to reading, watching, or listening to anything that is produced by someone who does not have a knowable or visible Christian faith. If I get weak and think such content will edify me, perhaps because the non-Christian is “intelligent,” I ask myself how intelligent are they really if they don’t worship their very own Creator in the Church that He built[…]
It’s a mistake to believe that Orthodox Christianity is merely a lifestyle add-on that has a slot in your life alongside many other lifestyles. Orthodoxy is the lifestyle



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