Marjorie Taylor Greene #wingnut

In a chaotic, but absolutely riveting, Twitter rant Tuesday, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene suggested that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s proposed gun laws could result in a Russian invasion.

“Trudeau foolishly completely ignores how taking guns away from his people makes his country weak and vulnerable to being invaded and easily taken over by another stronger country,” “Like, perhaps Russia, who is very angry at America right now.”

“Canada has an incredibly weak military & now with Trudeau’s gun grab, his people are left defenseless not only by a criminal attacker, but also defenseless against another country’s military invasion,” MTG wrote in tweet No. 3.

“This is a terrible violation of rights to innocent Canadians by their Gov.”

“A heavily armed population backing up a strong military force is a mighty deterrent to any foreign would-be invader,” Greene wrote in her fourth tweet.

“Does Trudeau expect America to defend them? Of course, and so do the rest of western allied nations,” she wrote in her fifth tweet. “The US taxpayers pay for the defense of many countries that do not deserve our military support for free or at all.”



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