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[From "We Need To Stop Calling Ourselves Conservatives"]

Conservative project has largely failed, and it is time for a new approach. Conservatives have long defined their politics in terms of what they wish to conserve[…]In America, conservatives and classical liberals alike rightly believe an ascendent left wants to dismantle our constitutional system and transform America into a woke dystopia[…]
They have lost much: marriage as it has been understood for thousands of years, the First Amendment, any semblance of control over our borders, a fundamental distinction between men and women[…]
Western civilization is dying. The traditions and practices that conservatives champion are, at best, being preserved only in an ever-shrinking private sphere[…]
What kind of politics should conservatives today[…]adopt?[…]They should stop thinking of themselves as conservatives[…]start thinking of themselves as radicals, restorationists, and counterrevolutionaries[…]
Willingness to embrace government power has been a topic of fruitful debate on the “New Right”[…]
If conservatives want to save the country they are going to have to rebuild and in a sense re-found it, and that means getting used to the idea of wielding power[…]Accommodation or compromise with the left is impossible[…]
To stop universities from spreading poisonous ideologies will require state legislatures to starve them of public funds. To stop the disintegration of the family might require reversing the travesty of no-fault divorce[…]
Wielding government power will mean a dramatic expansion of the criminal code. It will not be enough[…]to reach an accommodation with the abortion regime[…]
Conservatives need to get comfortable saying in reply to people like French that Drag Queen Story Hour should be outlawed; that parents who take their kids to drag shows should be arrested and charged with child abuse



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