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Over five decades of Western Legacy Media DISINFORMATION was blown apart last night by Tucker Carlson’s historic interview with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

Putin, IF truthful in this two hour interview, debunked about 50 FAKE NEWS Narratives our would-be 3 Letter Overlords have used to build a false reality they have shamelessly sold to Americans and the world for the past thirty years.
You’re watching the denazification of Ukraine before it REJOINS RUSSIA via a referendum the same way the Crimea did.

Look back on all of the shameless lies told western audiences by the media the last 24 months.

Putin’s pragmatic & businesslike delivery as he stated he’s trying to end a war the Western Nations began in Ukraine in 2014 probably just ended that conflict.

As three letter agencies & corrupt media REEEEEE!! In helpless rage.

2024 is the year all of our Enemy’s false reality building Narratives are going to be dragged forward to spectacularly die onstage and as these Creepers wail and flounder, we’ll get to witness it all, popcorn in hand.

Tucker’s interview is a dam burst of such magnitude that it is starting something humanity’s opposition will not be able to withstand or recover from.


I meant that.

That is not hyperbole or drama.

This is not the West vs East, that was the narrative, the REALITY these demonic shitweasels have been selling us since the Berlin Wall fell, leaving NATO no real reason to exist.

This is not America vs Russia, Russia has been making overtures of peace and even alliance for DECADES regarding mutual interests only to be rejected & smeared by our “guardians” who cast them as an ASSIGNED and very necessary villain to their schemes of chaos waves and Endless Wars.

When you study what is already known about the disparate entities, institutions, corporations & FAMILIES that constitute America and Western civilization’s mortal enemies, a horrific aspect begins to be perceived.



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