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Yes, oh yes, oh FUCKING YES!!! I just BARELY got off a news forum, reading a story about this family that had been murdered. Guess who ALL the fucking comments were feeling sorry for? Yep. That's right. The parents weren't even fucking acknowledged; it was all, "Oh, what kind of monster could hurt a child? Poor kids!" It was as if only two people had died instead of four. FUCK ageism.

But really, the joke is on the child worshippers, because every bullshit incident like this makes me hate children even more and want to hurt them even more. The more you tell me, whether directly or not, that my life isn't as valuable as that of a pwecious chiwd's, I grow more and more psychopathic towards them. In fact, it's getting to the point where I feel GOOD when I hear about bad things happening to kids.

You ageists brought this on yourself. You can only push your dehumanization tactics so far before adults start snapping.



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