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Over the past few decades, there has been a strong calling for the restoration of the Divine Feminine. The media, along with many liberal-minded folks, assert that we are living in a world full of male privilege, male dominance, and “toxic masculinity”. Therefore, we need to bring back the Divine Feminine in order to restore balance in our world
As a woman, I agree that feminine energy is needed to help heal our Earth. Indeed, I enthusiastically support the restoration of the Divine Feminine. However, I cannot help but notice that the push for women’s power and so-called “liberation” is being simultaneously broadcast with a vicious assault against men and masculinity (especially against white men and white masculinity). Concepts of “toxic masculinity”, “male privilege”, “white privilege”, and “white supremacism” abound. And recently, the senile, child groping, fake President of the United States asserted that “white supremacists” are the deadliest threat to us all.
Thanks to the overt mind control programming, male potency is at an all-time low. And this is why evil has been allowed to run amok in our world, despite millions of American men having arsenals in their homes, and some with years of military training behind them. 150 years ago, Tony Fauci and Bill Gates would have been hanging from lamp posts. Today, these murderous psychopaths are allowed to roam free. I believe this is happening because millions of men are stuck in a state of learned helplessness that is the result of media-induced hypnosis combined with the black magic and sadistic rituals of the medical establishment – all of which involve trauma-based mind control. Decades of culturally-induced and medically-induced trauma, fortified by the satanic programming of the media, has led to a plethora of men becoming lost to alcohol, drugs, video gaming, and/or pornography. Such men are not able to step into their power, and as a result, women are being forced to take on the male role.



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