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[Debate topic: “Should women have rights?”]

Sandwich makers are needed Who is going to make me a sandwich when I get home from work if women can have rights and actually do things. God forbid someone let them make their own decisions, let alone vote. Have you seen them fly off the hook when they find out that you're sleeping with another woman? It is my right to take as many wives as I so please, since the bible said so. Also, if they have rights, they can drive. If we fix this serious issue, we should be able to significantly reduce costs to society by reducing accidents. DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR WOMAN IS? If she's not in the kitchen or in the bedroom, something is wrong.

Women should never have gotten rights to begin with! Things slowly went down hill once we were granted rights. ... I shouldn't have to go to school because the greatest joy a woman can have is serving her family. ... abortion came from woman's rights. Women said oh look I have all this power I should have the right over my own body too and should be allowed to kill my own child . It's sick. Bring back the good days were the wife is waiting for the husband at home!!!!

They would bleed all over society. Men have proven to be more superior, who has ever heard of a successful woman putting in long hours at any job they do? None. ...

They cheat in society Most of the women's I met used sex to advance in society.
... they always use sex to skip hard work,all of them just want husbands with money,because they are lazy and materialistic,all the women's I met were materialistic,I'm not religious,but the bible was right about them,they steal the succes of hard working men.

Women are too emotional and can't be relied upon to take the cold, harsh view that is needed. ... They allow emotions to rule over place of good solid reasoning. ... if women became presidents (God forbid) we would have a million wars because of pointless trivial reasons. WOMEN CAN'T USE LOGIC. ...



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