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RE: News Someone went ER and shot up a spa

ruined the image of incels

If you're still worrying about optics while being an incel then you're doing it wrong. Whether you like it or not, violence is typically the only thing that gets anyone any serious attention in life when they've exhausted every other method of dealing with their struggle.

ER wasn't perfect but he did something. Crying and shitposting on a dark corner of the internet about a lifetime of abuse and virginity isn't getting any of us anywhere. Meanwhile, when ER went ER seven years ago he did more to thrust us into the mainstream for a while than anyone or anything ever did or likely ever will.

No one is more oppressed than we are for we are despised by everyone. The globohomo systems hates us more than anyone because we are a threat. We're hurt, desperate, angry, male, young, and have nothing left to lose.

Violence is the only thing that gives anyone real, legit power.

As a 30 year-old truecel, the pain is intolerable and I don't know how I can cope any longer. I feel like I am in solitary confinement and have been for over a decade. No friends, abusive family, bad coworkers, no girls, bullying and torture going back to high school, and a world that has made it clear that because of my ugliness and virginity, I am to be destroyed through merciless abuse, bullying, and torture of all kinds, by literally everyone, family included. These are the end times. We are trapped in the basement while the partying goes on above us on the ground floor, Chad and Stacey dancing and humping the night away. We will never be let out of the basement and there is no way out. If you don't get it, you're a fakecel or a teenager who is in for unfathomable sadness if you live long enough to be my age. True inceldom is a prison. There is no way out, you are cast out, persecuted, abused, hurt, controlled, hopeless, alone, and long for humanity that you can never have.



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