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Some years ago (2009-2012, somewhere in there) I watched a surveillance camera video of some black teen girls pulling a 27 year old white guy with long scraggly blond hair , out of the womens' bathroom (in a fast food place; think it was a Burger King). They beat the shit out of him, and he just curled up in a ball, sobbing.

Back then, I was such a dunce I actually felt sorry for him, because "he's obviously a harmless gay man, and he might get beat up by homophobes in the men's bathroom! "

Now, I know those girls were right; he was almost certainly an autogynephiliac, and the reason he was curled up sobbing, is, he just couldn't believe vaginathings, subhuman objects put on this earth to do whatever men tell them to, were failing to "validate his feelings". That's what we she-goats are for, after all.

Once I read those papers c.2014-2015, in which we learn that when men interact with other men, the part of their brain devoted to interpersonal communication engages, while when dealing with women, it's the part devoted to assessing objects-IOW, men literally "see" women as non human-that changed everything for me. It explains so much about not just today, but for all of recorded history. And it most definitely explains the violent entitlement of too many men, and most especially of trans woMEN.

Trans woMEN are men, regardless of whether they're the small minority who have themselves castrated and mutilated, parts regrafted to their bodies in a vague approximation of female genitalia , and pumped full of horse piss hormones, or the overwhelming majority who think they've found a 'cheat sheet' to force lesbians into letting them insert their "lady dicks" into their bodies. Many don't even make token efforts to pass...Almost as if the fun for them is using their obviously male appearance to frighten women and girls trapped with them in spaces that should be reserved for biological females only.



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