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For thousands of years, is our abilities have been suppressed by hidden forces in the darkness. These forces are all around us yet not seen it's felt yet can't be touched. Only recently have many Fringe scientist and occult practitioners have learned of the source of this dark suppression. They have termed it “Black Goo”.

Before 16,000 years ago, a swarm of meteorites from the earth, a shale with foreign black goo. This goo carried the signature of a populated planet of reptiles. It only resonates with the second, third and sixth chakra (sexuality, life energy, and mind) and inspired to aggression, empathy, freedom and sexual violence.
It was programmed into the dark matter template of the Albion Body and appears to have had its point of entry into the earth around the time of the Nephilim Wars. This alien black goo acts as a faux synthetic artificial intelligence elemental that mimics and controls carbon allotropes and how they function in the dodecahedron structures on earth. It is clear how the Negatives have been accessing carbon elements to control matter forms, including control over the genetic expression of the human body. This programmable Alien AI has infected carbon material and is what has taken over the platonic solid dodecahedron and related pentagonal geometries that build time space constructs. These time space constructs are instruction sets in the morphogenetic field that run into the Ley Lines of the planetary body (The MatriX)
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