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I am slightly interested in White Nationalism, but the ultimate question is...


Do you know reason why???

Because there are so many GODS!
Even a clear stream in the mountains of British Columbia can be a conscious God!

Before the collapse of the Roman Empire,
Roman occultists tried to enslave all free Romans,
not just enslaved peoples. For this purpose,
they used an ideology and created a new universal religion,
so that people would lose touch with the Aryan Gods,
so that people would lose touch with Reality!

This is an old technology of zombification
and enslavement that existed many long millennia before the existence of Rome.

In the USA, when the religion turning of, and free people ->>> into goy-slaves stopped working, then Hollywood was invented to zombify the inhabitants.
Now, Hollywood has stopped working for zombification!
In Philadelphia, they even began to openly sell and even distribute hard drugs for free,
but the majority of the population does not want to turn into zombies, drug addicts, and slaves.



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