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RageFuel Noodlewhores are the worst (Rice and hapa-cels GTFIH)

I'm not even Asian, but noodlewhores make my blood boil. Idk how ricecels (and hapacels) cope with the fact that their race of women is miscegenist, racist, and bigoted towards them. Noodlewhores are also the fakest whores out there. They try to mimic white bitches and act "white" all while trying to jump on the "I'm Asian, I'm oppressed" bandwagon. Fuck those thots. Ricecels are the real victim of Asian hate, not these fake, racist, heightist pieces of shit. I've literally never seen a westernised noodlewhore with an Asian guy. It's always either a nigger or a White pretty boy.

This is absolutely correct. noodlewhores are the worst of the worst, especially the westernized/Americanized ones. Japan is a good example of this shit, all the feminist garbage that these cunts are pushing in the country; most of them voting for leftist parties that are going to fill the country with shitskins/niggers and western weeb chads while the hikikomori/ricecel/japcel problem gets bigger. This is why women shouldn't have rights or voting rights. About time someone said it. All these women care about is cock, they don't give two shits about their country or fellow people.

True. When men cannot find love, they start looking for revenge. You can't poke the bear and expect it to stay silent. America is already a Jewish shithole. The genders are too polarised, the races hate each other, while normies and foids still live in La La Land where everything is great. If you alienate men, treat them like shit, and portray them as some kind of malevolent tyrant, don't wonder why they're dropping out of soyceity or going on killing sprees. Feminism is cancer. It's the root cause of all schism in our society. A few years ago I was working with this British/Chinese noodlewhore who had 4 bfs in less than half a year. And guess what? All of them were white. She was stuck up, entitled, and bitchy. God, I loathe noodlewhores.



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