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Is War Just A Puppet Show?
I like An0maly, he talks some common sense that should be a mainstream opinion, and maybe it is, but he gets shut down by the media industrial complex and big tech censors because it doesn’t make money for the right people.

I’ll get to the point I wanted to talk about, which is whether Putin is a puppet of the very same people who own Zelensky, and Biden, Trump, Trudeau, Macron, etc, the World Economic Forum, or the bankers, the Jews.

It might not make sense immediately, like why would they be so vicious in the media against Trump and Putin if they were just the other side of the same coin, owned by the same people, who own almost everything?

Well, most people get convinced by everything they say, they faked the moon landing, and even when Buzz Aldrin went on Conan O’Brian and said it didn’t happen, it was faked, (that wasn’t the only time he said it), they still haven’t caught on.

It takes a special sort of awareness and skepticism to be able to see something as obvious as that, but with the more important lies, they might not let you say anything at all.

We have a lot of war talk going on, the UK army commander and top generals are talking about a war between the UK and Russia, at a time when if you gave half the people guns, they’d probably shoot their own leaders, if they could get away with it.

Why so much hate for “our own side” you ask? There is no part of anything I’ve seen them doing in the last two years that couldn’t be clearly defined as an attack designed to destroy the West completely.

This is how they’re training the Navy to fight in world war three, against Russia and China. I don’t really care if they don’t get it, but this is the kind of thing that would make someone defect, and they’re not training kindergarten teachers.

My view is it’s good to be nice, but what this actually is is sabotage, they’re making the USA a laughing stock, it’s cultural marxism, the plan is to show that capitalism failed, America failed, so the world moves on to the next thing.

There’s no way that will catch on even just in America, it wasn’t designed to catch on, chest feeding isn’t a real thing, it’s just stupid.

Men don’t give birth, and if they did it probably should be illegal for very good reasons, and the hormones are just the start of that argument, it would mess up a kid’s head for life no matter what anyone says.




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