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( The End )
Murder can be excused if its considered justified, so why not rape?

You know how we are told that women are allowed to dress like whores, act like whores, and actually be whores without any of that being considered "relevant" to her being raped?

Well it may or may not surprise you, but it's possible to get away with murder if you have a good excuse. For instance a boy was raped and the father got away with shooting the rapist dead while he was in handcuffs. Basically if you're unpopular - like say a rapist, neo-nazi, or incel - then it's a grey area as to whether or not killing you is even a crime.

My point is that cause is considered irrelevant while dealing with rape, but relevant when the crime is murder. Of course that's inconsistent, a double standard, illogical... whatever you want to call it. I think it's another demonstration that women call the shots now (and humans being trash).

( NRApoorboy )
women run the shots, and men follow like the meek.

I do believe it's justifiable to kill a gay rapist pedophile, but imagine being in a sexless, betabuxx marriage where the man has to pull all his resources to support that woman and at the same time dealing with her shit attitude.

if we believe in true justice, that woman deserves to he raped because she is taking advantage of him and giving nothing in return.

but to say this publicly will destroy your entire reputation. theres no justice for all it's picked and chose

does any1 know how to build a rape room?

Absolute Penguin, report to the rape room!

A Rape Room Session For Everyone.

If you are summoned to the Rape Room, how would you react to finding me waiting for you? Me as your rapist.



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