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Fuck the Jews, Hitler wasn't only right, he was on a Godly mission. Here's a rough outline of the Jewish plan for global dominance

I will unveil the Jewish plan for global domination before your own eyes

A rough outline of the Jewish Plan :

Place our agents and helpers everywhere

Take control of the media and use it in propaganda for our plans

Start fights between different races, classes and religions

Use bribery, threats and blackmail to get our way

Use Freemasonic Lodges to attract potential public officials

Appeal to successful people’s egos

Appoint puppet leaders who can be controlled by blackmail

Replace royal rule with socialist rule, then communism, then despotism

Abolish all rights and freedoms, except the right of force by us

Sacrifice people (including Jews sometimes) when necessary

Eliminate religion; replace it with science and materialism

Control the education system to spread deception and destroy intellect

Rewrite history to our benefit

Create entertaining distractions

Corrupt minds with filth and perversion

Encourage people to spy on one another

Keep the masses in poverty and perpetual labor

Take possession of all wealth, property and (especially) gold

Use gold to manipulate the markets, cause depressions etc.

Introduce a progressive tax on wealth

Replace sound investment with speculation

Make long-term interest-bearing loans to governments

Give bad advice to governments and everyone else


As to the question, if the Jews truly control everything, they must be superior ?

The answer is a definite NO !!!

No more than the devil is superior to God. It's in the nature of the devil to strive for the world. If the other races spent even a fragment of the energy Jews utilize to obtain power over the world, they would have succeeded with far greater success. Therefore, don't despair. God is with you, not with the Jews, not with the damn Jews.

There's only solution to the Jewish Question. A solution which will leave the spirit of Hitler rejoicing in heaven. Wake up brothers, the Jews have caused much harm. THIS CANNOT GO ON FOREVER

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Do you avoid pretty girls like the plague?
I do everything I can to avoid being around pretty girls, and it's because I hate them. I hate them so much that it's stressful trying to suppress my urge to rape and/or beat them to death. My imagination fires up a rage that makes me want to beat them into the ground like an enraged ape.

I've squeezed 200 dollars worth of groceries into the self-checkout lane just to avoid being close to some teeny bopper.

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Got hit on again

Went to the store to buy zepar an offering and got hit on by the cashier holy fuck I can't believe the power of Zepar, this must be what its like being a chad

Shit was funny cuz she was telling me how I look like a character from a movie

I've been getting hit on more these past few days than I have my entire life.

That's great! You should've asked for her phone number.

Yeah I gotta work on my confidence more since I'm not used to receiving this kind of attention but I'm making progress so not all hope is lost

What the fuck is zepar?

A goetia demon duke from hell.

You may ascend sooner than expected.

Man I hope so, Zepar did something to me that I have yet to here about so I think it's highly likely considering nothing I've read about him talks about people getting electrocuted.

I don't know why but I feel as if I'm more intelligent socially since I've figured out that facial expression + body language + vibe can help you read what people are thinking, I've also gotten better at socializing.

I'm not as priviledged as you sound

Such a hypothetical illusion of choice implies a demon willing to participate in a deal with me; I don't have such an opportunity to ascend

Start developing your magical abilities, get rune stones and start reading books

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(submitters note: regarding the Colorado Springs nightclub shooting)

RE: So a gay club got shot up in colorado...

( Mentally lost cel )

Very sad. No reason to attack innocent people just trying to live their lives.

Those clubs are disgusting degenerate shit

Watch irreversible


Very sad that only 5 people died

( faded )
fag deserved it I hope they suffered too bad the saint did not kill more disgusting degenerate fags and torture them first (FICTIONAL STATEMENT IN VIDEO GAME!!!!!!!!!)


Idc about fag kids JFL

y’all broke ugly with no pussy focus on your own problems little man


Your Afghan countrymen rape little boys. I'm not surprised you are okay with LGBTQ. But the rest of us are not degenerates


No, he's not

cant tell tbh, sometimes he larps as an Afghan

he's probably a dirty sandnigger

@Absolute Penguin

Stop larping as an Afghan u dirty camel fucking sandnigger

Fuck Arabs, fuck the middle east. Mecca and Medina should be bombed, Jerusalem too. You filthy semites need to be wiped from the face of earth


Many Afghan are of Iranic origin or Tajik in America they’re seen as sand nigger

Don't larp as Afghan. They don't have any genetic connection to sandniggers. None whatsoever.

Are you a gulf nigger or from the levantine region ?

over if it's the earlier


@Absolute Penguin

You will never be a light skinned Indo Aryan like me

Post your pic and I will post mine, we will see who looks like a Mumbai sewer cleaner

Post your pic Sandnigger, I'm waiting

( dsar9013 )

Idc about fag kids JFL

y’all broke ugly with no pussy focus on your own problems little man


Guarantee this is r/inceltear infiltrator.

Anyway, this is good that this keeps happening more and more, society should become very unstable and average normies deserve to be shot in the street (in minecraft) because they are liberal scum who lets jews run society and make white men incel. Fuck normies, never met a normie that doesn't deserve to die, and I probably never will.

( gabz )
JFL at these two third-worlders discussing who is less brown, hilarious shit. My amerindian + european genes mogs you all retards

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( The End )
Murder can be excused if its considered justified, so why not rape?

You know how we are told that women are allowed to dress like whores, act like whores, and actually be whores without any of that being considered "relevant" to her being raped?

Well it may or may not surprise you, but it's possible to get away with murder if you have a good excuse. For instance a boy was raped and the father got away with shooting the rapist dead while he was in handcuffs. Basically if you're unpopular - like say a rapist, neo-nazi, or incel - then it's a grey area as to whether or not killing you is even a crime.

My point is that cause is considered irrelevant while dealing with rape, but relevant when the crime is murder. Of course that's inconsistent, a double standard, illogical... whatever you want to call it. I think it's another demonstration that women call the shots now (and humans being trash).

( NRApoorboy )
women run the shots, and men follow like the meek.

I do believe it's justifiable to kill a gay rapist pedophile, but imagine being in a sexless, betabuxx marriage where the man has to pull all his resources to support that woman and at the same time dealing with her shit attitude.

if we believe in true justice, that woman deserves to he raped because she is taking advantage of him and giving nothing in return.

but to say this publicly will destroy your entire reputation. theres no justice for all it's picked and chose

does any1 know how to build a rape room?

Absolute Penguin, report to the rape room!

A Rape Room Session For Everyone.

If you are summoned to the Rape Room, how would you react to finding me waiting for you? Me as your rapist.

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The barbie movie blackpilled me because I coped and thought there was some decent, conservative, non man-hating women out there, but nope, just do your research into new Barbie movie how much it HATES men and wants to dismantle "patriarchy" (a society where men get laid and have families) and women are lining up to watch it and it is outgrossing new Mission Impossible and even the Mario movie, might be most profitable movie of 2023.

Women want all non Chad/Tyrone men enslaved with no sex and human rights whatsoever, this is not an extreme position for hardcore feminists, nope, it's very mainstream, accepted view among pretty much ALL western women. Massive blackpill, women can't be allowed any rights whatsoever if society isn't going to collapse. the barbie movie proved that, right now I hate all women, allowing women on incel forums would be disaster, they are all evil liars that want non Chad/Tyrone men to suffer. Women would enjoy watching male snuff films in 4k on netflix if they were allowed.