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RE: South Africa: Zulu uprising rocks the country - Govt declare State of Emergency

This could easily spread outside South Africa.

I imagine blacks watching footage of live-streams of the violence are feeling strong primal urge to go on a rampage. In fact, Anyone White anywhere in the world near any large number of blacks would be wise to pay extra close attention as this plays out.

There is a media Blackout in the U.S.A and U.K over this.

Fox News, CNN & BBC silent

I guess aren’t ready to trigger riots here right now.

Why are they angry about Zuma being kicked out of office, isn't Ramaphosa even more rabidly anti-white than Zuma was? Not sure what to make of white vigilantes getting involved. I guess sometimes they have no choice but to defend themselves but it doesn't sound like a good idea when vastly outnumbered by blacks.

They shouldn’t defend themselves when vastly outnumbered by blacks?

What should they do?

Wait to get hacked to death by savages?

Looked to me like the black mobs were approaching their homes and businesses and they had no other option than to shoot.

In the videos I saw they were shooting at them in the middle of the street, not defending their own properties from what I could see. The concern is I think that could easily be spun as "racist whites randomly shooting at blacks".

That is already happening.
The few news outlets I’ve seen covering it are spinning it that way.
I’m sure that’s why that particular video is being highlighted.

It was clear if they stopped shooting the mob would swarm them.

Pretty sure if I was in their shoes and saw that mob coming for my little place in the world I’d keep right on shooting until they were gone optics be damned.



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