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( @The_Knows )
It's genocidal to treat jews how they treat you.

( @TylerDurden3141 )
@The_Knows Same works for government of Liberal cunts. If you treat them like they treat you, you go to jail.

( @DavidWagner )
@The_Knows ask the 50 white Christians the Bolshevik Jews killed under Stalin.....

( @DavidWagner )
@The_Knows 50 million sorry it just didn't post that way...

( @Bibleimploder )
@The_Knows That is true. But right now we non Jewish US citizens are getting a Preview of what our lives are going to be reduced to if Orthodox and Hassidic Judaism keep gumming up real estate and political protections in the form of executive orders that protect Jews only. Gaza occupation and deprivation are the preview of non Jewish US citizens if Judaism is left to grow unchecked.

The system is a 2 tier system. Jews are really khazaraians, that took over Israel and, kicked the blacks out, the tribe of judah. they are not jews, they are the tribe of DAN. they rule over TALMUD LAW. They hide behind many races, but mostly the jews.

YES My entire life has been DESTROYED by JEWS the issue is the jews follow the khazarains becouse they think they are jews.

People don't leave Hollywood when they are popular, they are Kicked out! or they run away from the swampland, satanic, child pedo, narcissist wicked ways!!!

They will just stab you in the back, every AGENT, EVERY PERSON IN POWER IS IN A 2 TIER SYSTEM IN HOLLYWOOD. IS JEWISH Your either a slave, or until you sign your life away to join the illuminate.
Its not about College, talent, experience, and popularity doesn't matter, but only having to sign with a cult,like the illuminate, or freemasonry. 20 years In Hollywood, then suddenly every social media goes shadow banned,. youtube, inta, fb,,,,, 100% too 3%.. what does that do for my career!!! YES JEWS ARE INVOLVED!!! I was just about to lose my apartment, so I drove LYFT. ANOTHER JEW OWNED COMPANY THAT RIPPED ME OFF. a systematic algorithm of destruction. about 45% of people that drive lyft or uber end up homeless!

( @alexpulse231 )
@The_Knows They treat us the worst way possible, so I won't do anything to defend them. Kike lives don't matter



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