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I remember a few years ago, Ben Shapiro did an excellent breakdown on the whole party switch myth. He also explained how the Southern Strategy never really happened and that the few places it was attempted got maybe only one person elected.

My parents have even fallen for the "Party Switch Myth." My mother and late father were both Democrats up until Reagan and have been staunch Republicans ever since.

But a simple look at the recorded votes on such landmark historical issues such as civil rights, desegregation, etc. shows that the Republican Party has always been the party of Civil Rights. Democrat propaganda has been pervasive. It's a pity really. Republicans freed the slaves and gave them equal rights, yet blacks vote Democrat by a 9 to 1 margin. "Blacks don't vote Republican" is the refrain I hear all the time. And the people so steeped in the Democrat propaganda always cling to this "White Southerners" excuse, not realizing that they are referring to the Dixiecrats.

All this really kinda says to me is that if there's one thing Democrats can do effectively, it's lie. Their lies have persisted for a long time now. Even after being publically refuted and debunked, there are still people who cling to the lies.

I still remember seeing an article by the ultra-left-wing Media Matters celebrating how they managed to convince the American people that President Trump's tax cuts were bad and was a tax cut exclusively for the wealthy and would hurt the average American, when it didn't. Basically admitting they lied. They didn't care, they were celebrating the effectiveness of their propaganda.



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