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Going back many years, Clif High’s Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis (ALTA) Reports from his web bots have contained large datasets referring to a temporal marker that he labeled “Secrets Revealed” and alternately, “SciFi World”. He believes that we’ve now entered this time period.
Another subset of “Secrets Revealed” was named the “Israeli mistake”, which Clif believes refers to the 85% vaxxination rate of the Israeli population. Interestingly, he says this subset has always been linked with Iran, although the Iranian component of the temporal marker has not yet revealed itself.

Clif describes the theocratic regime in Iran as not Islamic but “Khazarian”, which Clif equates here with “Sabbatean”, referring to the 18th century heretical antinomian Jewish cult of Sabbatean Frankism.

He says, “This leads us to Antarctica, where a ton of our true human history is buried and hidden from us. And so, as we keep moving through this, we keep getting into space and anti-gravity stuff, all kinds of things…now, this is a multi-decadal, it may even be multiple hundreds of years.

“My datasets were not capable of…predicting, forecasting much beyond a space of, like 20 years,” although the vast majority was focused on the near term of 2-3 years.

He says that basically, history is an edifice of lies and that it will take years to reconcile and rectify; entire industries will be spawned to do this task.
However, prior to that, his emotional reduction engine has predicted rising emotional tension language between May 19-27th, that pegs out at a maximum level for 7 days straight. He doesn’t know if it’s positive or negative but whatever it is, it’s big.

He says that for himself, getting to live and experience these events is such a reward, as he had a near death experience a few years ago and he had never expected to be witness to this long-prophesied unfoldment in history. We are living Revelation.



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