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RE: Court Documents Detail Alleged Abuse at Home Where Child Was Found in Freezer

Gruesome story of a black father, white mother.

I have a doubt.

I do not believe a word a white woman says anymore.

They are manipulative, exploitive, abusive, and psychotic.

She, like the majority of white women was happy to lay with the beasts.
So I see her, and the rest as the beasts they are.

Sorry, not sorry.
I have seen them working against white men for 40 years!
Never once relenting in their evil.
Or even accepting they do as such as a group, like they do.

The white men who have not been replaced by them yet, have been battered beyond recognition by a program of aggressive psychological warfare.

And yet you expect us to have sympathy for them?
Never again, shall my hand be forced.
Or my judgement clouded.

She is as guilty as sin.
Like the rest of them.

White women will never have to face the consequences of their actions against their own fathers and sons. Or even face collective responsibility in any form.

They have destroyed the West and every nation that empowered them from within.

Because of White Women's inability to foresee the second and third order consequences of their actions, they have painted themselves into a corner.

For instance, Women believe women should be allowed to serve in combat, but should not have to compete against biological men in sporting events?

I cannot take white women seriously.
And regret ever having done so in the past.

Bring back hanging, and let them swing...



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