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In other words, if you fulfill your duties as a Christian Husband, and have a good relationship, then you're abusive. I happily fit numbers 1 thru 12.

I will correct my wife if there is an issue with who she is listening to. My wife was listening to Beth Moore one day after Mrs. Moore chose to preach to men. I shut that down right away, false teachers will not teach my family nor wife, and God will hold men accountable who allow that in their family. I will sometimes override my wife's opinion on the clothes my toddler daughter wears if I feel it is not conservative enough. She don't need to be wearing no short shorts and don't need to be getting into that habit. I've done the same with my wife when we were first married and she wanted to wear yoda pants in public. Those are bedroom clothes. If them tight fitting pants enticed a man, which they would, then I would rightly be held responsible by the Lord.

Likewise my wife has full access to monitor my online usage of the internet as there's so much in the area of lust that I am susceptible to and it's easy to access online. I have software that takes random screenshots at all times, combined with algorithms that take screenshots anytime the algorithm detects something "suspicious" on-screen.



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