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I often analyze the long-term societal degradation and demoralization, and how this sea change started in the early 1960s, post JFK assassination. In the 10 years subsequent to the release of Marty, the morality of the average Westerner was almost completely unrecognizable to those from the prior decade.

Fast forward another 57 years from 1965, and it’s clear to me that our adversary’s conquest of the West is now complete. Just take a look at Marty to see what I mean.

One of the purposes of my blog is to demonstrate to the reader and listener just how comprehensive our multi-generational destruction has progressed and been finalized. We have been conquered, and we are a conquered people; residing in a land that Godly people founded.

America was still considered a Christian nation as recently as the fifties. By the time the 1960s rolled around, Americans began to indulge in drugs and false religions. They began to engage in every sort of degeneracy; all within a span of 10 to 15 years.

The global culture is now just a cesspool of immorality and self-absorption, and it’s a talmudic toilet. Now the allies of the synagogue of Satan rejoice as they have demoralized and socially re-engineered the average Westerner, who is now the most filthy person to have walked the planet since the time of Sodom.
Even I am contaminated by this degradation. We all are. We are conquered debt slaves living on a global talmudic debt plantation.

If we all repented and went back to the way we once were, our adversary would be defeated. Now, the global population is being treated like livestock by their governments, and that’s because the global population acts like livestock. They deserve what is happening to them and what is to come.

Behold the pale horse… An amoral people are easily duped and susceptible to trauma-based mind control. Watch the livestock line up and take their death jabs. Obey government.

Amoral people are also easily parted with their money.



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