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[JFL] My little sister asked a pretty funny question.

"How come the boys like girls, but the girls don't like the boys?"

She even asked, "Why are so many girls gay?"
JFL at this society.


But in all seriousness I think you should break the news to her, the sooner the better

I did. I told her that it was because girls only liked a small majority of boys. I also told her to stay away from boys especially at her age.

How old is she?


Tell her that she has to remain a virgin until marriage.

My parents are ardent christians who believe in no sex before marriage. They're much more strict with my little sister because they don't like how my other sister turned out.

I sincerely hope she grows up to become a respectable pure woman instead of falling for the degeneracy trap and becoming just another thot.

you just made her want chad even more because it being forbidden makes it romantic

Me and my dad joked that we would wait for her "boyfriend" with a shotgun, but I was only half joking when I said I would kill the little shit.



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