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Jennifer Joyce: I live in Canada and most churches are in compliance with the law and many have moved to online worship until the pandemic is over. I don't know why a few bad apples continue to think it's OK for them to break the rules, make people sick (or even die) and that somehow this is what God wants.
Mister Peabody: You just went from people who want to obey God rather than man to them thinking God wants people to die. Do you stay up late at night thinking up this illogical and strange sh..?
JJ: Public health orders are an area where you have no business, no expertise, in short, zero authority. Fortunately most churches understand this.
Mister Peabody: If it was a public health issue why did the Canadian authorities not defend their mask and social distancing guidelines with science when they decided to allow the church to reopen?
JJ: People in close proximity will create Covid cases. Remember cooties when you were six years old?
Mister Peabody: Yes folks,,,she really said it. She maintains she is a science believer and at the same time says six year old knows how to stay away from people with cooties. I recommend the public getting their science elsewhere.
JJ: (Sigh) Really slow, so there's so way for you to misunderstand:
How does a 6-year old avoid "cooties"? By keeping distance.
How does a grown adult avoid COVID-19? By keeping distance.
But I think I finally figured out your issue, Peabody. Answer me honestly: Are you vaccinated?
Mister Peabody: Please answer me honestly what one must do to be saved. Is that not the central question in the Bible?
JJ: So you abandon the issue completely and turn to flat-out proselytizing?
Mister Peabody: Is not salvation more important than masks and social distancing which are slowly going away?
JJ: Why should I answer your questions if you won’t answer mine? Are you vaccinated?
Mister Peabody: Let’s start with the most important and work our way down. The Rapture just might come tonight and you could miss it. What a shame.



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