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RE: JFL 7 yo loli getting hots for chad brother: My [17M] little sister [7F] is extremely clingy.

Whenever my girlfriend is over my sister will always try to butt in between us. If we're sitting on the couch she'll come sit on my lap and give my girlfriend cold stares. If my sister sees us kiss each other she'll get a little angry and point to her lips and insist I give her a kiss too. Almost every night she'll come into my room and try to climb into my bed.


She doesn't have the hots for her brother, dumbass. She's just an attention seeking turd

Stfu retarded nigger bitch she wants to fuck him as hard as no girl wants to fuck u. If I was that male I would have sex with her and the reddit OP is retarded for not smashing that yummy cunny

Children can feel attraction and desire for attractive people. Get over it. There is no way she would be begging her brother to kiss her on the lips and trying to sleep in the same bed with him if she didn't find him attractive. Doesn't mean she wants to be fucked, though.

(Made in Heaven)
This I agree with. She does find her brother attractvie, which is why she likes him so much. That doesn't mean it is sexual per say

Anime fiction is Chad reality jfl

This is brutality true. All the sexual shit you see in anime actually happens to chads

(Fat Link)
Could be true though. If it is the little girl probably has only encountered cuck and soy males her own age in kindergarten or preschool whichever she’s in, so it only makes sense that she clings to the first Chad that she finds even if he is her brother.



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