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RE: This is petty but wow, do I hate how one actor’s “identity” can derail so many discussions about a show

( woman_be_free )
Lol. If you google her wiki page it just says ‘D'Arcy is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns’ under personal life. Because that’s what happens when you identity with a gender 😂😂 it becomes the whole point of you. Your existence amounts to where you are in the gingerbread man.

Another idiot on the idiot train.

( Arenlaef )
She wore a suit and skirt get up to the Emmys one year and was like "See, I'm very non-binary." Basically implying that the suit was the boy part and the skirt was the girl part. Groundbreaking.

Also, I enjoyed HOTD but them casting that Philosophy Tube guy to play a female character has me rethinking my interest. His fans are excited that he might get to be a noblewoman and it's just too hard for me to picture. I find that Hunter whatever hard to swallow and at least he usually plays transwomen.

I'm not going to be able to sit back while PT prances in with his biological children he gave birth to and everyone gushing about how he's the most beautiful woman at court. I hope they intend to put him in the background.

( vulvapeople )
TIPs being cast as their pretend sex is my limit in tolerance. Anytime I encounter that in a movie or show, I stop watching.

( pennygadget )
Gender-special actors ruin their characters because, once they "come out", then the clock starts ticking on when the character they were playing has to come out as well. Most notable example being Ellen Page in Umbrella Academy. The show initially said her character would continue being female. But, of course, Princess Ellen's dysphoria mandated that the character become a trans-man just like her (and that all the other characters mindlessly applaud her transition and don't question it at all)

( MadSea )
Don’t worry, it gets worse. This season they cast a TIM that’s playing what was a very masculine woman who, if I recall correctly, was in a same sex relationship (I may be wrong about the second bit, been a while since I read it).

( no- )
There’s nothing more frustrating than fictional “lesbian” relationships played by a TIM and a woman.



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