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How to avoid Jew tricks

Most Jew tricks are based on fake choices, in which the options look different, but are the same on the Jew's intended level of analysis.

Therefore, to avoid Jew tricks, you need to examine the "alternatives" that you are offered for similarities on different levels.

For example, in some European countries you now have to get a negative PCR test or a vaccine passport to go to work because of "covid", and these are the "alternatives", because you can get or not get the jab. In reality, these two are the same thing because they both imply that you believe in "covid" and agree that your employer owns you, can all of your private information and can coerce you into undergoing experimental medical procedures. Both "alternatives" serve the purpose of bringing about the totalitarian New World Order.

Another example is the modern sexual marketplace. The sub-8 men are offered the "alternatives" of betabuxing a used womb-man or being Sent Their Own Way. In either case you have little to no kids and even if you do have them, they are likely to be weak and sickly due to the birthing parents' old age. In either case you comply with the government resrricting your access to sex and reproduction. Both of these options serve the depopulation agenda.

There are more instances of such tricks. It is up to us to bring them up and not get deceived.



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