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Back in December, veteran, former congressional candidate, and ardent Christian Michael Cassidy made national news for destroying a Satanic statue installed in the Iowa state capitol. Now, two months after ridding Iowa’s legislature of the demonic idol, Cassidy faces a felony charge.


Left unexplained by prosecutors is how using rights endowed by their Creator to deny and revile that Creator doesn’t constitute an abuse on those individuals’ part. They have likewise been silent on the Satanic Temple’s brazen violation of God’s absolute right to universal praise and adoration.


As of this writing, Michael Cassidy’s earthly fate remains undecided. But considering that the felony he faces is for hating evil, his eternal reward is less ambiguous. As King David sang in Psalm 36: 5-6,

"Commit thy way to the Lord, and trust in him, and he will do it.
And he will bring forth thy justice as the light, and thy judgment as the noonday."

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