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[From a discussion about "Bigfoot expert Bob Gymlan" finding strange audio recordings on his computer]

One bold but hard-to-dismiss claim that’s been made is that Lucifer’s original purpose as the Lightbringer was to enlighten men about the natural world. Since he fell, he’s twisted that intended purpose. So almost all technology has been corrupted.

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Tolkien wasn’t writing to convince anyone. He told stories to tell stories. And he understood that he was telling stories to a Modernist audience. Sad but true, the overt Christian imagery of a Poul Anderson or even a Robert E. Howard is alien to a large plurality of modern readers.

And we got here because the Death Cult knew better than to beat normal people over the head with sodomy, crossdressing, and atheism right off the bat. Instead they delivered their twisted themes through symbols.

In fact, the Death Cult relies on symbolism. Each of their stated positions is a symbol. That’s why they can switch them out as quickly as Benny from The Mummy (1999).

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Even ten years ago, you could maybe give infanticide shills some benefit of the doubt about really thinking they were helping women or the planet or something. But now their leaders have spent years saying, “Yeah, we know these are human lives. We want to slaughter them by the millions because we get off on it.”

Anybody who doesn’t demand the total outlawing of all abortion at all times is a barbarian inside our gates. These people can’t claim ignorance or good intentions anymore. They just want to kill babies.

You can’t live in the same society with people that morally retarded. Imagine trying to hold honest elections and maintain 21st century infrastructure working alongside the villains from Apocalypto. And now you see the real crisis Western society invited when we turned our backs on Christ.

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And you still get Christian parents who, even when informed of the outright Satanism rampant in schools, say “We’re sending our kids there to witness to their peers.”

Somehow they don’t see that’s like sending their kids to a remote island to evangelize primitive heathen cannibals alone.

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In the midst of this civilizational decay, it’s easy to forget that the gradual but snowballing affronts to human nature that brought us here were billed as steps toward a sexy, gleaming utopia. The myth of progress is as central to the Death Cult as salvation is to Christianity.

Which makes sense. Because the Fall is so self-evident that any religion claiming universal moral authority must address it. The Cult’s techno-priests foretold that advancements like the integrated chip, hormonal birth control, and the world wide web would help us build a post-racial, post-capitalist, post-religious world.

In the fulness of time, they said, science would conquer the last enemy: death.

What we got instead was a nihilistic pseudo-religion that’s overseen the first decrease in American life expectancy in ages. But with free porn and government Cheetos.

The Modernists set out to cut science off from the Christian metaphysic that incubated it. Medical experts’ apocalyptic response to what should have been a modest public health emergency showed how that experiment went.
Another reason for hope amid the accelerating decline is that the Death Cult went all in on tech. Their equalist dogma and bugman-ism isn’t creating the total, managed regime they sought. Somehow they missed that replacing intelligent producers with low-IQ idols wasn’t a recipe for earthly paradise. It was the setup for a Resident Evil sequel.

So the Death Cult’s despotic system will fail and take millions down with it – just like all the rest.

Get prepared and get holy.

And for a glimpse at the other side of the Collapse …

The big robot action of Mobile Suit Gundam meets the espionage thrills of Tom Clancy.

Read it now:

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It’s no secret that the Anglo branches of the Anglican Communion have joined with the World through the Flesh and severed themselves from the True Vine. The Episcopal church in my town still has big BLM and sodomy banners out front.


Regardless of the current pontiff’s personal views, a decisive advantage of having a supreme, visible head on Earth is everyone knows where the buck stops.

Butt stuff has already been anathematized by ex cathedra definition. Even if some worldly bishop or synod tried to bless gay unions, the attempt would de facto negate itself. In an ecclesiological sense, they’d just place themselves in schism. Remember, the gates of Hell won’t prevail. But the dead branches will separate themselves from the Vine.

For a look at a post-future whose reunited Church theologians look back at our era and shake their heads while laugh-crying, read my hit mech thriller:

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What then, do zombies represent? You could argue that they’re manifestations of the fear of Western civilization ending. And that’s fair. It also explains why the zombie apocalypse was the first ubiquitous entertainment sensation after Cultural Ground Zero. People sensed that our artistic capital was used up, so the only thing people could come together over was the mutual observation that everything was falling apart.

But that’s a major symptom, not the root cause. The zombies might have been stand-ins for third-world invaders, collapsing social trust, and younger generations’ rejection of tradition. But then what was the underlying ritual/chemical/virus?

[Photos of a vandalized statue, a drag queen talking to a child, and a woman expressing happiness at being vaccinated]

It was a force that encompassed all dyscivic outcomes, so it is the sum of all errors and the sum of all fears. The answer is Modernism and its disastrous consequences. Stop to think about it, and you’ll see that the zombie is the perfect avatar of the Modernist. Succumbing to the apocalypse vector frees him to indulge forbidden urges, but at the cost of his humanity.

For decades, Modernist heretics promised us that a bright, sexy utopia was just around the corner. All we had to do was change one little part of the Church’s Tradition. Then another. And another …

Cultural Ground Zero was when people started to realize that there would be no shiny earthly paradise. Instead, they’d sold their inheritance for antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis and hobo camps. Of course the real zombie outbreak would take the form of a heresy. It’s right there in the “apocalypse” keyword. “Apocalypse” means “unveiling”. A lot of folks saw their true selves in those movies and despaired. But there’s always time to turn back and embrace the Traditions the West abandoned in our hubris.

It’s tricky, though. Because Christ will forgive any sin but despair, because despair is the refusal to accept that mercy is possible.

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what you perceive as “ai” are just demons infesting computers. your line of “reasoning” to attack the messenger falls right into the intended trap laid out for you.

freemasons believe that you give “consent” to every evil by doing nothing when they surreptitiously warn you what they are planning to do. there is also no such thing as an evil that doesn’t harm other evils, and so when those dolls are panicking you should listen (like when birds fly in the forest or deer get spooked though you can hear nothing).

As I have said many times:
“ the devil operates by reactions. the devil cannot make direct orders, as no one would listen, and has no power to compel or do anything; therefore the devil makes groups insufferable by corrupting their weakness so that a “reactionary group” comes to destroy the former. the reactionary group is the devil’s goal (if a corpse can have a goal, that is).

ex. feminism. the devil HATES women, more than you could imagine. therefore in an attempt to wipe out women once and for all, the devil made weak women stupid, demonic, and insufferable. the goal being that frustrated men would “react” by giving the feminists all their worst fears in revenge; which is what the devil wanted all along.”

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The Left only hated Trump because they sensed that Conservatives made him a stand-in for Christ.

At the end of the day, the one thing the Death Cult is enraged and terrified by the thought of you doing is turning back to Jesus Christ.

Don’t keep Him waiting.

I wrote a military thriller series about a world where many people returned to Christ. That world also has giant robot fights.

Experience it now:

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Most historically literate people realize that Christianity is an essential pillar of Western civilization. But Satan’s role as our accuser means he loves tempting God’s people to sin and then calling us out for hypocrisy. No one would fall for the wignats’ spiel if every Christian lived Christianity. That scandal, in its various forms across Christian sects, has given many who’re sympathetic to Christianity pause.

Hang out on Christian Twitter, and you’ll soon come across seekers saying, “The Death Cult’s enormities have me convinced that demons are real, so there must be a God. But every Christian denomination seems tainted with some flavor of wokeness, cuckery, or cringe. If only there were a based Church, I’d join in a heartbeat.”

Such statements betray the same shallow, consumerist attitude that underlies wignat attacks on the Church. Modern liberal democracy and capitalism promised everyone unlimited license. Individual preference became the measure of all things, including religion. You see it in the phrase “marketplace of ideas.” Liberalism frames politics as the same kind of consumer choice as shoe shopping. Material preferences are enshrined as absolutes, so everything is politicized and commodified. That is the tainted ground from which the Woke Cult grew, and the wignats’ ambitions will be choked if they try to plant in it.

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[On a high school teacher curating a collection of LGBT books for teenage students]

The witch has curated a collection of demonic spell books. Color me surprised.

That last bit about smut helping students figure out who they are and relate to their peers is pure diabolical perversion. Children are not sexual. That is part of what it means to be a child. Healthy presexual persons don’t need sex books to help them relate to fellow presexual persons. Saner civilizations understood this fact. Western society used to, until we let corrupted institutions like mandatory state schools raise our kids.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it until non-Cultists get it through their thick heads:

Failure to home school is child abuse.

That’s not an exaggeration. If you still send your children to public school, you’re complicit in child abuse, and you belong in prison. How much longer does your child have to suffer because you let your wife play office making PowerPoints in a cube farm?

Enough, already. You can stop the cycle any time. Start by not paying people who hate you. Read how here:

[Followed by a link to his book]

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One consequence of Death Cult projection is the phenomenon of everyone else having the Cultists’ number, while the Cultists maintain delusions about normal people that are 180 degrees from reality.


Death Cultists care more about aliens than their own kids. And, as frequent readers of this blog know, aliens are just demons. So the map makes all kinds of sense.

Now do you understand why these people always try to seize the moral high ground? On the inside, they know they’re guilty of sin – as we all are. But then they get up on the social media soapbox and say, “This sin is actually a great moral good, so I’m good, and anyone who disagrees with me is evil.” It’s a diabolical inversion. And letting those inversions stand serves no one but Satan.

But the sad fact is that normal people have been too paralyzed by our besetting sin of cowardice. We’ve let the Cultists claim the moral high ground so many times, they’ve succeeded at inverting public morals. That’s why we can’t let these inversions go unchallenged.

At the same time, we have to be careful. As a commenter said recently, the Cult only has to win once to degrade civilization. Well, they’ve won countless times. So they wield a lot of power. Arguing online to oWn tHe LiBz just gives them a villain in their perpetual morality play to throw tomatoes at. Don’t don the devil horns. Instead, undermine a Cultist’s attempt to hijack and subvert Christian morality – and it’s always Christian morality – by calling her bluff.

The Witch Test has been a spiritual battle-tested and proven method of pulling the rug out from under Death Cultists for years. Familiarize yourself with it. Learn to apply it correctly. And use it on every valid subject you come across.

You’ll find more detailed instructions in my #1 best selling book.

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One little prayer chain in front of a church was all it took to make the Death Cult admit what we’ve known for years. The motive underlying their war against straight, white men is diabolical hatred of Christ.

The occupational government of the economic zone once known as Ireland telegraphed the Cult’s plans for Christians even harder.

[Quoted news report: "Pro-life campaigners and advocates for religious freedom in Ireland have expressed dismay following the news that the Irish Government intends to introduce fines and prison sentences for people who pray, hold signs, or try to persuade women not to have abortions while they are within the vicinity of an abortion clinic. The proposed legislation would mean that individuals would not be allowed to express pro-life views within 100m of abortion clinics while also prohibiting silent prayer, the holding of placards, and any peaceful offers of alternatives to abortion."]

So the country whose constitution begins “In the name of the Most Holy Trinity,” is now making prayer against child sacrifice punishable by jail time and fines up to 3 grand. The use of abstract bug measurements in their laws was a red flag. The Bible stipulates just weights and measures. Justice is tied to reality, and the metric system don’t real.

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Many will call the mobilization of a police state to persecute Christians a perversion of democracy. Those people are incorrect. The Death Cult holds democracy sacred. Democracy derives its governing authority from popular consensus. A core function of government is enforcing public morality. Therefore, dissenters from the democratic consensus are not only considered threats to the government’s legitimacy, they’re vilified as evil.

The crowning irony is that the system sold to us as governance by popular consent isn’t responsive to the average voter’s will at all. Instead, it serves the interests of the economic elite. Which makes sense, when you consider that they have the money and influence to shape public consensus however they want. That should tell you what Death Cultists mean by “Our Democracy.”

Christians must wise up to the fact that we are now outside the consensus and are therefore enemies of the regime. And we’d better wise up to it fast.

Affiliate offer: The system is so responsive to corporate interests that there’s no longer a substantive division between big business and government. The corporatist regime has shown it has no qualms against destroying your livelihood for diverging from the consensus. Now is a good time to start a side hustle – or more than one – to generate some independent income streams. Let my friend and client Adam Lane Smith show you how to start your $4K home business. Take his livelihood-saving course now.

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The only difference between public school and home school curricula is home schooled kids aren’t taught to hate, mutilate, and kill themselves.

Unless their parents decide to teach them those things.

In which case, every sane person would agree those parents belong in prison.

Which leads to the inescapable logical conclusion that all parents who still refuse to home school should be imprisoned for child endangerment.

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The national leagues – in particular the NFL – have degraded into vehicles for our rulers’ hatred of white people. TV commercials during Monday Night Football, let alone the Super Bowl, inundate their audiences with contempt. Like every other pop culture institution, professional sports has been weaponized by the ruling secular cult.

Some might just shrug and say that sportsball has always been cringe Boomer bait. Yet if you’re a member of Generation Y or older, you remember the days before the dark times. It’s been 30 years since Super Bowl XXVII. That means there have been more Super Bowls since that one was played than from the event’s inception till then. But that one game played in Pasadena in 1993 set the pre-Ground Zero high water mark. In fact, if you want a milestone that marked the start of the High 90s, you can make a good argument that Super Bowl XXVII was it.

To be precise, the Super Bowl XXVII Halftime Show starring Michael Jackson was it.


Crass documentaries aside, spending a few minutes online is enough to exonerate Jackson. The all-out hit job the media did on him now looks like the model for more recent unpersonings. MJ blew the whistle on some of the same sleazy record industry practices that cost Ye over a billion dollars. And he suffered a similar fate, losing his longtime, lucrative Pepsi deal, getting banned from Dubai, and having to cancel agreements to contribute music to the Addams Family Values and Sonic 3 soundtracks.


Remember, folks: the same media machine that killed Michael Jackson hates you. Don’t give them your attention. Learn how here:

[Followed by a link to his book]

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My 2 year-old daughter just received a belated birthday present from a friend of my wife. The present in question was a Belle costume from “Beauty and the Beast.” Yeah, she’s not going to be wearing that one anytime soon. The only queen we venerate in our household is the Queen of Heaven.

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Equality – another evil concept peddled to children – does not exist in any measurable form among individuals. Someone who’s 5′ 4″ is not going to excel in the NBA. If your IQ is 89, you will not be founding a successful tech startup. Diversity is real, though not in the warped sense the Death Cult intends. There is a hierarchy of being in which every on the spectrum of ability is filled. This full expression of possibilities inherent in the human condition honors God and man. The serious mental and larger societal problems we’re seeing stem from denying the natural order.


The cure for Nickelodeon syndrome is a healthy dose of humility – the virtue by which one makes an accurate assessment of his ability and submits to the cosmic order accordingly. The surest and fastest way to grow in virtue is to petition God for it. But since Millennials have been taught they don’t need God since they’re Him, few are taking this route.

What’s clear is that generations X and Y are being passed over for leadership so Boomers can hand the reins over to their Millennial clones. The tragic spectacle of foreign policymakers taking cues from Reddit suggests that the handover is already in progress. If you thought that rule by demented fossils was bad, just wait until the self-entitled neurotics who can’t boil water or change a tire take charge. For a vision almost as scary, read my hit horror-adventure novel.

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It’s hard to think of bigger governments, in the sense of the scope of government power, than monarchies. Yet not even the most tyrannical king would seriously entertain the notion of replacing his subjects wholesale with a foreign people. A king ruled a nation, which was a large extended family. He had skin–and blood–in the game.

The crisis overtaking the West arises from the fact that our leaders no longer have the least thing in common with us. The democracy hailed by the Lincoln Project has enabled the ruling class to insulate themselves from all accountability for their actions. After all, their logic goes, you voted for them, so you deserve the blame for their misrule.

It’s not the size of the government that counts. It’s the quality of the people in it and their degree of attachment to their constituents. Our corrupt oligarchs won’t voluntarily part with one iota of power anyway, so the solution to the size and malice of the government is the same. In pro wrestling, when a faction comes to dominate the ring, three outcomes are possible. The faction sways the audience and rules as a personality cult, another faction rises up to bring the cult down, or the whole company collapses under its weight. Which fate awaits us remains to be seen.

But you can get a compelling and fun vision of the post-collapse future right now. Claim any perk tier in my Combat Frame Ƶ XSeed crowdfunder and get XSeed S and SS today.

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Reacting to omens saying that the Council of Black Wizards may restrict sacrifices to Moloch, Death Cult witches plotted to desecrate Catholic churches over the weekend. But the sub-pagan hordes were turned back at Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York by twelve men who stood on the church steps praying the holy rosary.

The strong of heart and firm of faith may watch the video here.

Not much was known about the valiant sons of Holy Mother Church who faced down the frenzied coven. Until Cozy.tv host Dalton Clodfelter interviewed the church defenders’ leader. The man of the hour is a working class New Yorker, and both he and his interviewer are young men used to the coarse parlance of their generation, so be prepared for salty language.

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The only way to defeat a moral vision is with a superior moral vision. The Taliban of all people gave the decadent West a demonstration of this principle when their erroneous yet still superior moral vision set the Cult to rout. To break the Death Cult’s social dominance here and keep them from regaining a foothold, we need a superior, unified moral vision. That means establishing a national religion, as Poland has done. To that end, I will establish the Catholic Church as America’s official faith.

This decision will surely give rise to much controversy. That’s fine. One of the chief benefits of monarchy is that the sovereign may stand unmoved by fits of mob pique. More practically speaking, the Catholic Church, for all her members’ faults, is the only sound foundation upon which to build a successful reaction against the Woke Cult.


A key tactic in the Death Cult’s revolution has been their relentless campaign to destroy the family. Putting a stop to these abominations will be a top priority throughout my reign. Specific pro-family policies will include:

Legally defining marriage as matrimony
Legally defining abortion as infanticide
Outlawing the sale, shipping, production, and purchase of artificial contraceptives
Granting every heritage American married couple a cumulative 20% income tax break for every child


The following measures will be thoroughly and swiftly enacted:

All land and sea borders between the United States and other countries closed.
All American military forces currently deployed overseas redeployed to defend those borders
The above to include rounding up, detaining, and deporting all foreign nationals in the country illegally
Birthright citizenship ended
Full immigration moratorium until such time as pre-1965 demographics are restored.


It’s an open secret that the alphabet soup agencies are spying on all communications between everyone. Full disclosure: I’m not getting rid of the glowie panopticon as emperor. Instead, I will use it with dry eye, cold blood, and iron fist to expose and punish the satanic pedos that populated the deposed order.

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["Public Schooling Is Child Abuse"]

Not long ago, dissidents were called tinfoil hat schizos for warning parents that the state would come for their kids. What everybody missed is that the state didn’t have to come for our kids. Most of us surrender them into the government’s clutches for eight hours a day, five days a week. Don’t abandon your kids to people who hate you.

The ruling Death Cult enshrines sterility as a major article of faith. So it uses the schools to proselytize to your kids. Normal people taking back the education system is unlikely. The cultists are too entrenched. That’s why reclaiming the culture is so vital. Parents who home school often vent their frustration at taking serious steps to protect their kids, only to have degeneracy a tap or a click away.

But now, newpub and neopatronage are paving a way to carve out a healthy entertainment market for our kids – and us. Support creators who want to entertain you, not brainwash you. Back Combat Frame Z XSeed now:

[Later, in the comments]

Of course, we know the regime’s next move will be to outlaw home schooling, just as was done in Germany. Families should prepare accordingly.

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The high priests of scidolatry have admitted that masking is ineffective at preventing Covid transmission, as they’ve done from the start, between bouts of self-serving lies. More likely, the lies serve their master, the father thereof. The fashion snot rags are the Death Cult’s liturgical headgear, no more; no less. They have no practical use and hide the Divine Image imprinted on Man. Which calls to mind the first time that the first ones to bear the Imago Dei hid from God.

Christian pastors who still encourage masking should take note that the practice is a gnostic devotion of a hostile parallel religion and change course accordingly. We are commanded to worship Christ, not the powers of this world, and we are given a spirit of hope, not fear.

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A fascinating development in Death Cult doctrine and liturgy has unfolded over the past couple of years. Whereas before they relied on projecting their collective sins onto imaginary scapegoats in elaborate media morality plays and immolating their neighborhoods as burnt offerings to Diversity, a new Death Cult sacrament has been instituted by the high priests in white coats.

MacIntyre likens the vaccine to Leftist baptism, but in form and matter it’s closer to another sacrament of initiation–Holy Communion. We see it in the vaccines’ relationship to another Death Cult sacrament, abortion. Previously, that highest of infernal rites could only be performed rarely, only by female cultists, and at relatively high cost in time, effort, and resources. Now, everyone can partake in the fetid fruit of child sacrifice, easily, often, and for free.

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The Devil has a vested interest in convincing the world he doesn’t exist. St. John Paul the Great reminded the world of Satan’s existence in no uncertain terms. And he built up the Church’s arsenal to fight Satan in the world.

Not only is denying JPII’s sainthood a cowardly slander against the faithful departed, it’s a serious attack on the authority of Holy Church herself. Canonizations of saints are counted among the Church’s infallible pronouncements. So denying an officially promulgated canonization betrays doubt in the Church’s indefectibility. TradCaths should be aware that we already have a simple, direct, and precise term for such a position, and that term is “Protestantism”.

In addition to battling Satan, John Paul the Great worked to heal the rift between Catholics and Orthodox.

For a glimpse at a future world where the East-West Schism has been healed – and there are giant fighting robots – read my hit mecha thriller:

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Several attributes of demons follow directly from their non-material nature.

* Being made of no parts, they’re effectively indestructible.
* As pure intellect and will, they’re really, really smart and ferociously determined.
Having no physical properties, they don’t take up space.
* As a consequence, they don’t need to “move” or “travel”. Though not omnipresent, they can be anywhere they think about without traversing physical distances.
* Therefore, it’s less accurate to say that a demon can “get inside of” someone/something and better to describe its activity as “attaching itself” to a person, place, or object (remember: a demon is “located” wherever it focuses its thought).
* How can nonphysical beings interact with the physical? Probably not that differently from the way your own spiritual faculties can affect your body (e.g. psychosomatic and mental illness).

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Anytime you see a member of the hierarchy invoke “the sin of racism,” it’s a good bet his statement is more influenced by the World than by Church doctrine. You won’t find racism per se listed as a sin in any Catholic moral theology manual. [...] Scholastic theology teaches that race is real, it’s more than skin-deep, and the variety of races extant in the world is a natural good willed by God. [...] Honoring one’s race is a good ordained by God.

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[On OnlyFans banning porn]

News of a Christian group successfully pressuring megacorps to put the brakes on grave evil is such a long-lost cultural artifact as to evoke Gen Y nostalgia. Predictably, news of harlotry and onanism being slightly curtailed sent Libertarians to their fainting couches with a bad case of the vapors. Cries of “They’ll take this excuse to ban Conservatives!” ring hollow since the Big Banks have shown no need to make excuses. Rolling back Clown World means learning how to take a win and to stop making the perfect the enemy of the good.

[LAter, in the comments, after OnlyFans overturned the ban]

Our side loves mocking the Left’s effeminacy, yet you never see them give in to demoralization over one setback like this. The Right has been forfeiting the culture war for so long it forgets what war actually looks like. An offensive captures a field. The enemy counteroffensive retakes 3/4 of it. If that back-and-forth is happening, it means blows are being exchanged instead of one side continually pummeling the other. Gird your loins.

D Cal #fundie brianniemeier.com

Every single Christian on Twitter needs to spam the emails of the Twitter management with crying Wojack memes of Satan. Since they’re going to purge you eventually, so you might as well go out in style.

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No strongman is coming to turn the clock back to 1988. This isn't your country anymore. It's not a country at all. It's a giant international airport concourse.

The cultural, political, and economic institutions are fully in Death Cult hands. That Cult will not countenance heretics in their ranks. We can't overthrow the Cult's anti-morality at the ballot box. Nor will arguing on their terms defeat them. We were warned where abandoning Christianity would lead. Now we've arrived at the inevitable end of that road.

America is under divine judgment. The chastisement can no longer be averted. But it can always be mitigated if we repent and turn back to Jesus Christ.

At the very least, we can stop giving money to people that hated Him first.

CantusTropus #fundie brianniemeier.com

White Wolf has been woke long before being woke was even known outside of fringe academic circles. The older Vampire the Masquerade and Werewolf the Apocalypse books are full of explicitly anti-Christian drek, especially the initial supplement about the Furies, which explicitly states that the Abrahamic God was made up to oppress women or something.

Also, a bit of a tangent, but while we’re talking about actively immoral gaming, I should mention Shin Megami Tensei, which I once heard snappily described as “what your Fundamentalist Mom thought Pokémon was”. In other words, a series where you actively tame demons, and God (explicitly the Abrahamic God) is nearly always portrayed as an evil superfascist who wants to destroy all human freedom or some nonsense. Lucifer is also nearly always portrayed at least somewhat positively, and while admittedly he’s not always a good guy, he is sometimes portrayed that way. Garbage that I’m glad didn’t get popular in the West (until the spinoff “Persona” series, at least, which removes most of the overt demonic messaging and is at least somewhat better, albeit still drenched in dangerous nonsense.).

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[On Facebook introducing an “Are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist?” warning message]

As I pointed out in the comments on yesterday’s post, a hallmark of authoritarian regimes is their need to make everybody inform on everyone else. Facebook, the online marketing firm to which the state has long outsourced its censorship work, has now dropped any pretext of being an open forum where people of varying opinions can freely discuss ideas. Instead, they are issuing Stasi-style calls for their users to rat on friends and family members suspected of heresy against the Death Cult.

On the odd chance you still had a Facebook account for some reason, that reason no longer exists. Delete your Facebook account. Don’t wait for your Funko Pop-Cultist college roommate or your three mask-wearing wine aunt to turn you in. Facebook has openly declared itself a surveillance state contractor. Get off their platform now!

For those who used to follow me on Facebook, you can find me on Gab. And if you want a fun read that puts the white-knuckle thrills back in sci fi anthologies, find it in Combat Frame XSeed: Classified Intel

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[Replying to comment: "I was pushed into getting vaccinated by my family who constantly worried that I wouldn’t be allowed to go back to work if I didn’t... I hope that I’ve done the right thing"]

There’s no question that all of the vaccines materially cooperate with the grave evil of infanticide. In the case of someone who receives it now, particularly for free, the cooperation is pretty remote. Still, even remote material cooperation in grave intrinsic evil is usually sinful. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s statement essentially said that taking the vaccine with the motive of protecting one’s health and others’ sufficiently mitigated that evil.

However, that statement was made in December of last year, before the vaccine’s effectiveness turned out to basically be a coin toss–like all previous coronavirus vaccines. The CDF was reckoning with an effectiveness rate of 98%. Subsequent information calls for re-doing the moral calculus.

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These original pill memes made their way into popular use from the pickup artist scene, which ironically cribbed the imagery from a movie made by a fraternal pair of degenerates. Their dubious origins aside, the red pill and the blue pill are handy methods of quickly conveying more complex ideas, so they naturally caught on.


Ask a Conservative why he wants to win, and the most common answer will be, "So they'll leave me alone." The next most popular responses range from appeals to creature comforts to a shrug.

Ask a Death Cultist why he wants to win--not that you have to; they shout it from the rooftops--and you'll get a fiery sermon about the post-national, post-racial, post-Christian utopia in store for the world if we can just pile up enough corpses.

Yes, the latter is a horrifying vision, but it has the advantage of being a vision. The zealot can effortlessly dismiss your desires to be left alone, not pay taxes, and live with people like you as selfish impediments to progress.

Here's the ultimate truth at the heart of our current crisis: The triumphant Death Cult is a fanatical heresy fueled by stolen Christian zeal. It can be defeated if and only if enough people submit to the one true faith with equal zeal. Without Christ, you cannot hope to stand firm against the diabolically inspired Cult.

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The Death Cultists’ false faith in diversity blinded them to the necessity of demoralizing the Afghan population to cement their occupation. On a level cultural playing field, the Cult’s moral vision proved inferior to Islam.

That is why the Death Cult and its Pop Cult acolytes have worked tirelessly for decades to sever the West from its Christian roots. No moral vision can outshine that of Christianity, because only the Church teaches the fullness of Truth. If a majority of Americans still possessed the full clarity of their Christian moral vision, they would have the resolve to conquer the Death Cult through spiritual warfare.

Learn well from the example of Afghanistan. A small, outnumbered and outgunned minority can defeat a materially superior enemy–but only if they have the strength of their convictions. Few Americans have sufficient conviction to cancel Disney Plus and Netflix. Which makes it all the more urgent to stop funding people who hate you.

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There’s no joke to be had in stating the self-evident, immutable truth that Rachel Levine is a man. If someone wants to fire me, ban me, threaten me, or even kill me for not kowtowing to the Father of Lies and his Death Cult, so be it. By bearing false witness against my neighbor, I’m already in direct violation of a commandment handed down by our Lord and Savior. This is, and always has been spiritual warfare. Making 2016 Sargon/Crowder type of anti-SJW humor just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

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The righteous backlash against critical race theory, for instance, armed dissidents with the rhetorical silver bullet “antiwhite”. The Death Cult operates by claiming the moral high ground, and pointing out that they’re antiwhite unequivocally exposes their feigned moral authority as unwarranted. It’s a form of Witch Test that antiwhites fail for the same reason witches do–they just can’t hide the hatred that defines them.

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[Note: in this post, he uses the word "witch" in reference to non-Christians who point out Christians' hypocrisy]

The point is to deploy the test as soon as the suspected witch tries to claim the high ground by co-opting Christian morality. In that event, declare the verdict; then block AS SOON AS SHE FAILS. Under no circumstances should you continue interacting with a confirmed witch. If she is the subject of extraordinary demonic activity, the demon can retaliate if your command could be interpreted as being directed at it--for which a case could reasonably be made if you've determined you're dealing with a witch.

I can't stress this enough: DO NOT TALK TO CONFIRMED WITCHES! Declare their lack of moral authority and block immediately!

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[Responding to tweets by William Gillis criticizing Lord of the Rings]

The Death Cult priesthood can't abide the thought of infidels enjoying the works their forefathers created. They hate those venerable authors for being ten times the men the Cultists are. They hate their works for being incomparably better than anything the Cult can produce. And they hate you for not being as petty and miserable as they are.

Most of all, they hate the Christ for being the sole means of salvation, contrary to their debauched pipe dreams.

If Gillis used his intellect instead of making an idol of it, he might realize it's his Cult that's cancelled his shiny, sexy utopia. Men of the West like Tolkien won the World Wars, went to the moon, and invented the internet. The heathens his side is flooding STEM fields with hail from societies that haven't fully mastered indoor plumbing.

Death Cultists are creatures of envy, and their envy fuels their hatred of truth, goodness, and beauty.