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"If men without gender identities vanished from society, patriarchy would continue to be upheld by women"

( visits_radio )
"Cis" men didn't disappear from that book; they became rape-obessed monsters.

( Committing_Tervery )


rape-obsessed monsters

Meme from The Office: “They’re the same picture.”

( rowlings_army )
And they're not already?

( BlackCirce )
This is a fantasy men have had and described multiple times but it’s inconsistent with historical men’s evaluation of women. Men constantly assert that women are mentally weak, nonviolent, risk averse, not aggressive, not sexually motivated etc. Without those traits it’s difficult to see how in the absence of men, women would continue men’s organization of society dependent on those traits. Stories like YTLM and Manhunt when women suddenly become “exactly like men” in the absence of men are just cope. If most males died off, women would continue being mainly communitarian, risk averse, less aggressive etc and life would be better for everyone. Men cannot cope with the fact that their existence is why life sucks so much both for themselves and for women 💁🏾‍♀️

Also the idea that if women had power we would treat men the way they treat us acts to sanitize their brutality as self defense. “If we don’t keep them broken as slaves, they will grow strong and enslave us.”

( butchplease )
Naomi Alderman's "The Power" springs to mind.

( BlackCirce )
People act like women don’t have access to deadly weapons. We do and we do use them against men, children and other women. Just far far less than men do. Like most mammals female humans are most dangerous when our offspring are threatened. If women wanted more men dead we absolutely could accomplish that without any supernatural interventions. People need to accept that, among the many many wonderful things about women, we are also more peaceful. Its a fact 🤷🏾‍♀️



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