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Joe Rogan and David Mamet Blast California as an Orwellian State, Playwright Trashes the Left as a ‘Death Cult’


“When the whole George Floyd thing happened, one of the schools that my kids were going to back in California released this email, saying that it’s not enough to not be racist, you now must be anti-racist. And my kid’s nine at the time. What does that, what does that mean?” Rogan said [...]

Rogan and Mamet chalked such efforts up to virtue signaling, with the playwright saying the “anti-racist” request is meaningless.

“Now here they are saying they’re going to tackle something, not just tackle something as complex as race in America, but you’re going to establish rules that you can’t just be not racist, you have to be anti-racist, and you’re going to teach this to a 9-year-old,” Rogan added. “So what are you saying? Like, what exactly are you saying, what is your fucking end goal?”

Mamet held nothing back in his criticism of California, telling Rogan [...] that it was “good to be back in America. I’ve been in California for awhile.” “The People’s Republic of California,” Rogan jokingly said, leading to a conversation on 1984 author George Orwell, whose predictions about an authoritarian future, Mamet joked, were about “about 1.2 percent off.”

After discussing Covid-19 era lockdowns and woke ideologies being pushed like a “cult-like” religion, Mamet also declared “the left” to be a “death cult.”

“It’s a death cult. It’s a cult about death,” the Glengarry Glen Ross writer said, going on to call out climate change alarmists with growing carbon footprints, as well as the idea that there is “no such thing as men and women,” [...]
Mamet […] said [...]

“This is a magnificent country we live in and to see it go to shit in front of my eyes…[at least] half the country said, ‘you know what? No. I’m not ready to die yet. I’m not going to submit to the death cult. I don’t worship the sun. I don’t think the sun is trying to kill us,'” he said.



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