Kristan Hawkins and Alex Kobylarz #sexist #psycho #wingnut

Kristan Hawkins: This is great news!!

Children deserve to be protected from abortion violence no matter who their fathers are.

Tech Witch: The cruelty is the point. Isn't it, Kristan? You're disgusting

fanster: Kristan: "Rapists should have more rights than their victims"

Alex Kobylarz: No one said that cut the crap we are for punishing the father. But the unborn baby is innocent and derseves the right to life protected by law I stand by miss Hawkins.

fanster: The victim should not be forced to have a baby.

Alex Kobylarz: What did the innocent baby do nothing . Jail the father but the baby has the right to life regardless of how they were conceived.

fanster: Because the victim has sentience and personhood. And it's wrong to make them go through a pregnancy they didn't consent to. There is potential for life in the early stages of pregnancy, but it's not the same as a developed human.

fanster: If there was a fire at an IVF lab and there were 10 embryos on one side of the building and 1 infant at the other, and you only had time to save either, you would save the infant because you know there's a fundamental difference between the two.

Alex Kobylarz: And an emybro is still a stage of life it is the beginning stage of life of an unborn baby so I protect and defend all life born or unborn.

fanster: No, you don't. Banning abortions means more women will die. But you don't care about that.

fanster: If you care so much about the unborn, I assume you also support comprehensive sex-ed and access to contraceptives, which are effective in reducing unwanted pregnancies?

Alex Kobylarz: It’s not about brith control but self control



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