Congressman Paul Gosar & Various commenters #wingnut

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
The Democrat’s unconstitutional gun control bill bans many common handguns, sporting rifles, and magazines. They’re coming for your Glock, 1911, AR-15, and the rest of your rights. Tyranny is their platform.

@DrPaulGosar The terms "assault weapons" and "hate speech" are very similar. Both of them are communist terms to limit our gun rights and freedom of speech.

@USCenturion2020 @DrPaulGosar Antiwhites use language as a means to psychologically attack us.

@USCenturion2020 @DrPaulGosar

That’s because no one limited the speech of marxist propaganda because they didn’t wanna be “the bad guys”.

@DrPaulGosar if they don't know it already, they will spark a response that will throw us into a revolution. Hope that is what they want, because we are ready.

@DrPaulGosar Antiwhites want white people disarmed so that they can victimize us. Antiwhitism and white erasure are their platform.

@DrPaulGosar Right. They've already taken our First Amendment Rights, as Americans - so now we can't even complain about it. Then, comes the Second. Next will be property.
After that, will be the round up and cattle cars.

They are more than welcome to try and come get them.....

One bullet at a time....

This is communism, the same Jewish led tyranny that took over Russia and the Weimar Republic in Germany. Where was your voice when that Jew lackey Donald Trump banned bump stocks and called for red flag gun laws? All of you politicians are Jew owned criminals who work against the American people, especially white America.

@DrPaulGosar No. they aren’t actually coming for them. It’s all a ploy to start a civil war, thus reducing the population, which is the goal. All politicians on both sides will continue to do is push a button that never needed being pushed until it creates what they want from it…. It’s pathetic is what it is, and the politicians will have to be held at a very high account for their actions of course. That’s just common sense.

@DrPaulGosar Need to stop calling it Democrat, its not. Its Communist.



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