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Despite there indeed being several sources for faggotry, they nevertheless always come down to choice. Regardless of the origins of faggotry, it is in the end unified by its nature as degenerate behavior. You can thus equate it to a vice. Faggotry must be treated as a vice and not as a social group. Vices have to be overcome, or else you’re just a degenerate. That’s why by and large, regardless of the roots of faggotry, it becomes a choice of either indulging in it or denying it – so it is always a choice. Just like how one has a choice not to eat themselves into a hamplanet, but if they do so it betrays a weakness of character, weakness of will, lack of integrity and ultimately selfish and narcissistic behavior.

So what if you are “born that way“? Either get treatment or simply overcome it by sheer will-power. Psychological disorder? Same thing. Perversion? Fucking stop it. This ultimately comes down to the subject of one’s inherent inferiority and the test of Free Will.

If the choice was out of their hands (forced labor, slavery, forced exercising) the material change would follow, because all of that is merely material and subject to changeability. But as soon as you let them off that leash their weak spirit will surrender to material desires. What makes them inferior is their inherent nature, their weak spirit. That is what you are born with, everything else simply follows from there. There are those of strong will who succumb to degeneracy all the same, as it is hard to escape the decay of the world around us, but it is possible. It is easy to fall from grace and it is hard to climb back up, but for the inferior there are no options.

That is the Test of Free Will, which exists only for those who have strong spirit and strong will, they are given a choice: succumb or overcome.




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