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[on an old video of a woman being brutally beaten by the Taliban for fornication]

Imagine the fucking seethe once they take over Kabul, all the LGBT and feminist westrnizers are gonna get eaten like corn on the cob
If they didn’t fuck the little boys, I’d probably financially support the taliban
Thats a beating every white woman should endure for beeing a leftie whore
They stone for adultery. She is lashed for fornication. Same with men. […] Cheating women shouldnt live. The idea that people who practice adultery should live is why most men in the west are cucked by their dog and immigrants now.
>whipping an adulteress
>showing her mercy when it is equally proper for her to be stoned
>twitter thread is filled with seething feminists and poos
How can the Taliban be so based?
I sort of feel sorry for the natives that the us state department turned into tiktok trannies and other degenerate things. Their was some desert twink crying on onlyfans yesterday about their faimly being threatened. The gay shit is on the state departments bloody hands
You eurocucks underestimate the whoredom of women, which is incredible considering the degeneracy of current year.
In Saudi when women basically didn't leave their houses you'd hear stories of them trying to fuck deliverymen or their taxi drivers etc.
Female humans even have concealed ovulation, such is their instinct to cuck their provider.
That's why you need strong penalties for deterrence.



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