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(This was in 2017. Select entries.)

(Anonymous ID:LIDY8ycq)
/OS/ Operation Swedistan #7 - Social Jihad

Note: We are fast approaching 2k signatures on our petition. Now that infiltration into various normie platforms has begun, we must focus on methods of propagation and diversion away from any association with /pol/. Please use the hashtag #ForBetterSweden

Sign the petition, lads.

Operation Swedistan:

1.Create significant traction in a movement to replace Sweden's Christian flag with an Islamic crescent.

2. Even Left-Leaning normies will come to realise how Cucked Europe is if something like this even comes close to being considered by the Government.

3. A movement will organically form defending the Christian flag of Sweden alongside our created movement of Tumblr SJWs seeking to defend rapefugees from an oppressive flag reminiscent of genocidal Christians during the Crusades.

5. (Stage 2) Protest online against these movements defending the existing flag. Claim that all those that wish to defend it are racist and xenophobic cretins that don't wish for Sweden to be 'Inclusive' and 'A safe space for everyone'

Ideally we get Tumblr to do our dirty work for us. Post as much as you can about the 'Hidden meaning' of the Swedish flag and how it is promoting genocide and fueling Hate speech.

(Anonymous ID:xw5Ap6gx)
The whole idea is to make it happen and actually change the flag so it creates a massive undeniable wake up call for normies and it will make them begin to question wtf is going on in the world trust me this will wake up the normies.


(Anonymous ID:LIDY8ycq)
Brilliant work, anon.
We need more anti-swedistan material but preferably with white nationalist/ natsoc flags in the corners to show that the 'Alt-Right' are against the idea.

(Anonymous ID:LIDY8ycq)
Okay. For those of you that don't understand why there are two threads simultaneously. This thread is "Pro-Flag Change" and the other thread is the Scapegoat that we can screencap and use against anyone that associates the movement with /pol/ on twitter etc, yes?

The other thread is fake opposition so that we can claim that /pol/ where always against this movement and that it was legitimately Lefties that created it.

Needless to say, please continue posting to Twitter etc. We need as many hands on deck as possible.

(Anonymous ID:hBR/RtKf)

My family is here.
My future is here.
So why don't I feel at home?

A flag for a multicultural Sweden.

(the hashtag refers to this infamous video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoQFUBgAMyo)

(Anonymous ID:1L/i2CMI)
Okay glad to hear that

Do you think that storming such pictures all of a sudden would work? Imho we should create more content and distribute it slow and wide

If any guys who are well with graphic editors are here, try making some posters out of this shit http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-41567391
Add lines like "Let's return to faith of our ancestors!" "Sweden was Muslim and it will be" "Back to our roots" and stuff like that

(Anonymous ID:sRFVdEo2)

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[Comments under "Basedwanger"]

@Unnamed poster

All hail Basedwanger!

>An officer of the Waffen SS, the elite military arm of the National Socialists.
>He kills untermenschen and doesn't afraid of anything.
>Earned a Knight's Cross, the highest military award of the National Socialists.
>Came up with dozens of creative ways to kill Jews, each one enough to bring a tear of admiration to Zyklon Ben.
>His brigade is estimated to have killed 170,000 partisans.
>His symbol, the crossed grenades is still used by National Socialist remnants.
>Was given a concentration camp to run. Went above and beyond by exterminating the undesirables placed in it.

From another unnamed poster:

>Here's the truth about Basedwanger. A man constantly slandered by (((historians))) as a child molester and criminal when in reality he is a true aryan ubermensch as Himmler and Gottlob Berger described him.

His first acts in combat were in WW1, receiving an Iron Cross 2nd and 1st class and finishing the war as a Lieutenant.
Between WW1 and WW2 he fought as a paramilitary in anti-commie actions, such as fighting and being wounded in the town Sangerhausen, being celebrated as the liberator from the Red terrorists, being made an honorary citizen. He also gained a doctorate in political science in 1922. For a time, he worked in a textile factory run by a Kike, but regularly donated from the SA, repatriating some of the wealth that the Kike stole from honest Germans. Due to Kike manipulation, he was blacklisted from employment and had his doctorate revoked. Lastly, he fought in the Spanish Foreign Legion during the Spanish Civil War, which is where Gottlob Berger recognized him as the impressive man that he is and even helped remove his blacklisting and restore his doctorate.
During WW2 he was the leader of the 36th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS, that would later be nicknamed the "Dirlewanger Brigade" in his honor, formed from reformed poachers. His main activity was anti-partisan and commanding a labour camp. The judge (((Georg Konrad Morgen))) tried to end Dirlewanger but failed and was rightfully demoted and sent to the Eastern Front. He and his unit were later assigned to anti-bandit operation in Belarus where his achievements were recognized with a German Cross in Gold. He was reported as having slain 14,000 bandits. He then fought in the Warsaw uprising of 1944 and where he was promoted to the rank of SS-Oberfuhrer and earned his Knight's Cross. He then fought in the Slovak National Uprising.
He was killed by the Allies who after imprisoning him, had him brutally beaten to death without trial.

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Behold! The great African empires!

What part of "had achivements but inferior to European and Asian ones" do you not understand?

Actually reading their history makes their lesser capacity obvious. Beyond memes and infographics, it becomes clear simply by studying their failure to achive the same things. It's a stronger argument than "lol stupid monkey niggers haha" that edgelords make because it's an actual argument. No need to hate them, no need to shun their meager achivements (some stuff, like traditional ritual masks are neat even though they pale in comparison to European art). They're still human. We just have to acknowledge their level and that they can't do as much, which is fine if they are left on their own in their own continent.

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Because young white people willingly choose NOT to take action even though they know something is wrong. You really need to look up his podcast, he goes into deep detail about the white character problem. He himself may not have accomplished much but that’s because we have done NOTHING for the 14 words.

Then we die out, you stupid mutt. What do you think this is, a game. The 14 wurdz are fucking cringe and only stormkikes profess them while doing........NOTHING! I spent the past few days on /aco/ talking about Summertime Sage and you know what, I had more fun and engagement from a bunch of incest enthusiasts than I have on this fucking board since 2014.

White Nationalism takes in pure Whites who are committed and spits them back out and you know it deep down.

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explain this

Sure. There will almost certainly be, as always, many factors. IQ is probably one of them. IQ is also heritable. This would give rise to the suspicion that there may be a genetic cause. However, IQ is not wholly heritable. IQ is also not going to be the only factor. In short, there's no simple explanation.

However, as I have often said in other places, the cause is irrelevant. If niggers commit 50% of the crime then you can eliminate 50% of crime by eliminating the niggers. That, at least, is simple. But 'we' ('society') don't just optimise for low crime rates. If we did we could just get rid of laws - no laws, no crime. We have other material goals. We also have values that we aspire to live up to. There is, again, no simple prescription that perfectly balances our values and our goals to the satisfaction of all. Everyone in society is going to be unhappy about something. Thus, I don't consider the mere existence of complaints a problem.

It's not about who's right or wrong on the final solution to the nigger question. Niggers aren't a question, they're just a thing that exists, and there are multiple possible reactions to the existence of niggers that intersect with our goals and values. There's no "solution" because there's no "problem." Would we live in a society with less crime if we started rounding up the niggers? Probably. The most important question - and the one that you're not asking - is if it would be a better society. And that's a question that you will have to answer for yourself, with reference to what you value.

I have a relatively paternalistic attitude towards niggers - I consider them like a dog, which must be cared for and nurtured as a matter of duty - so I'm not in favour of genocide.

Which, I suppose, answers your apple question.

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Japanese are a mixture of old Korean blood and Ainu peoples from the Jomon empire. Not Jews. But they sure do act like em sometimes.

stupid gooks don't know the whole stories always like to follow the chinks narratives and be chinks slaves
confucius is the biggest jew in ancient china and u gooks love its bs teaching so much its basically implanted into ur brain even before u r born really pathetic
the reason some japs look like gooks is because the jews brought the gook-looking army to jap during qin dynasty china
the jew mix with thea ancient imperial circle while the gook army mix with the locals natives much like whats happening in europe right now funny how history repeat itself
dumb gook doesn't know shit always chink jews slave suck chink rice noodle dick jew cocks

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Daily reminder, spics are worse than niggers

Spics are the cancer of the world who ruin every civilization they touch. Currently they are on route to ruin a 3rd continent. At least niggers only ruined Africa but there is still hope you all will go back.

>22 Trillion

Sink this ship so I can fertilize America with your parasitic race.

Jews are the cancer, my friend.

No exception.

Poopooskins, no matter what tribe, are o ly statistically significant because we are willingly listening to kikes.

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More informative article, yep he thought it was muslims. Also a navy veteran apparently

Gahddamn, fuckin stormwigger retards can't do anything correctly. Just fucking cut yourselves off from the alt-right and nationalist movement and stop acting like a bunch of pale skinned nigger savages and you'll be doing us a huge favor and service you idiot fuckasses... YOU STORMFUCKS ARE COMPLETELY DERAILING OUR MOVEMENT.

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I can't wait until civil war breaks out and white militias empty out the ghettos by just murdering every fucking nigger they see. Men, women, and children all shot without a second thought. These violent apes have no place living in our countries.

If it's brown, gun it down.

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After reading so many american replies supporting this bitch, I feel very comfy knowing that the US is the next South Africa. I swear to God they put something in the water to dumb you down.

Death to America - Death to Americans

I hope you lose the civil war. 56% today, 26% in no time.

after reading your whiny ass pansy level response it is clear that you suffer from a lack of power in the genital area and a sever yeast infection. Death to you jiggy boo and all the brown fuckskins just like you. The world would decay into anarchy and starvation in 100 years without the WHite RiGHt man. meanwhile the moslem cock is diluting your country into nigger retardation.

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This is unrelated but I went to one of those chipotle-style restaurants the other day

I ordered a chicken quesadilla. The last time I ordered it was sort of soggy so I wanted it more on the crispy/cooked side. There was a nigger and spic working behind the counter. I asked them if they can make it crispy or just leave it in the oven longer - they both give me that "the fuck you want" look and pretty much roll their eyes at the concept of even doing their job. I already knew before even asking it was going to be a complete waste of time and sure enough I was right.

I fucking hate non-whites so much, they ruin society at every level.

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yes they do. women do not use or practice fire arms, so they become victims of them, guns in the home that are used to kill or harm women are not the womans guns and are not under her name. womens rights are at the behest of men. men control the world and you obey them in order to recieve your rights. you are a cancer that accepts this and shamelessly felates the left men in charge to attack beta males. you are fine with "rights" given from the hand of the patriarchy for being a good girl, instead of rights earned through being too dangerous to take them away from, as men do.

once men in the left no longer have a reason for you to have rights, you wont.

here fucking go again, muh fucking patriarchy. why is a nigger stupid? his iq is low...no no, it is the WHITE man that manipulates and dominates, their prejudices and control are what’s keeping them down! u are who make yourself to be, why do u think males have more muscle and less emotions, because they have evolved through generation to protect the fucking family instead of nurturing the newborns u stupid nigger kike faggot

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I went semi mgtow.

Finishing law school and I might double major in CS, also a /fit/izen, 6ft4 and 210lbs, 15%bf. Dress decently. Women my age (23) have racked numbers and many would fuck for some drugs. Since im still a student and not a lawyer, they "cant find themselves". I noticed they would fuck a landwhale beta cuck cause he buys them shit. Or a drug dealer.

Far too many times Ive been skipped over as "boring guy" ( i also play 4 musical instruments but they think kanye is da best musician eva, so no point talkinf about anything than weather)

Women are like jews, they just care about short term benefits and that is all.

Ive let go of chasing women and I am pursuing education and making friends. I have wonderful bros and when I start making some money Ill go and bang hookers and pay for surrogacy for children.

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Tempel ov Blood #fundie archive.4plebs.org

We are soldiers, there is no escaping that fact. Soldiers in the traditional sense and soldiers in a different sort. We are spiritual warriors, we have an unholy cause to bring an end to mankind. We are not fighting to preserve nations or governments. We are fighting to return our Gods, to become as them. We are soldiers in a traditional sense, because this type of result will not be brought about without combat. Taking the offensive is the only noble thing to do. Goebbels declared to the German people when they were being invaded, ‘hate is our prayer, revenge our battle cry.’ The stench of an inferior species cannot be tolerated anymore. The only solution to a sick society is annihilation.

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Why do black people think they are being oppressed by trump? Do they have identity confusion and think they are spics?

cuz beboop bop doop muh sistemek raycis huwhyte soupramace oop dooo da ooga booga ooo ooo bitches n monee fuk u nigger

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>reply to an english post
>do you even speak english?
first time drinking mohammed?

fuck off you dirty mexikike
4chan is for white aryans
NOT amerimexikike shitstains like you who are insulting your only source of the english language - england
you stupid american shitstains
SHUT THE FUCK UP for once in your dirty loud obnoxious smelly pathetic tacobell, chik-fil-a-nigger ridden shithole of a country that you managed to turn from 95% white to 50% white in under 100 years
>slow claps the dirty amerimexiniggers trying to shit up my 4chan
fuck off you dirty brown cunts
i'm not letting you black up 4chan like you blacked up the USA
you stupid whore

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>your youth
Ok faggot, I stopped reading right there. They're your youth, your niggers, your rapefugees. Enjoy them. You're just an annoying retarded troll anyway so get fucked by one of them.

Also, you're still a massive cuck.

A poopyskin calling a german a cuck....this is great, even poopyskins know germans are cucks

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>If you ever deviate from the accepted narrative over there you get banned immediately.

I wish we could ban turk shitposters. Everything they post is absolute bullshit.

>Oh but our tanks were there since the 90s.
>These tanks are old if they wanted to fight they would send better tanks

Fucking stupid poopskins. They automatically assume that everyone else is as stupid as they are. Disgusting.

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The Belgian people are descended from a part of the Oguz Turks tribe who settled in the region thousands of years ago, said the head of Gaziantep University’s Department of Medical Biology.

That's very common of t*rks and panturkists to try and rewrite history. Fucking disgusting to be honest. Not only they assume they can fool people that are smarter than them, they actually succeed in making some willing dumbasses believe crazy shit like this.

Hohols are guilty of this too.

how is the oil rig?

I mean just look at this pathetic maggot. Even if I worked at oil rig it's still a respectable job unlike manning the kebab booth. Seriously from the fact that you constantly shitpost itt for weeks now it's safe to assume you're either welfare leech or you spin that kebab cone. You can't be the engineer you claimed to be while being butthurt in /sg/ all day long, sorry. Why the fuck do you even persist, you dumb poopskin? Do you have no shame? Ugh.

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We are the proto whites and you should be respectful.

I fucked a hot dutch girl this summer, told me how she lusts medditerranean cock

mustve be pretty soulcrushing when you woke up dumb poopskin. your manlet could maybe get disabled dutch girl with downsyndrome

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>Also, the Holocaust never happend.
How fucking deluded do you need to be

Man I wish the Holocaust happened, I really do. Just think of all the corpses. Walls of em, pits full of em, skin wafting from flagpoles and women piked thru their vagoos. Sadly it didn't happen the way we are taught.

Trust me, I yearn for a day when the Earth can know the joy of 6 million dead jews, an extinction of their line even. We just aren't there yet. One day. One day.

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Anonymous #racist archive.4plebs.org

Why is holocaust denial/minimalism/revisionism considered hateful? I have no moral qualms about killing jews. If Hitler himself wanted to eradicated the jews from Europe (via systematic extermination) he was well within his right. I believe we should consider doing this today. But the fact is Hitler did not have a systematic extermination program for killing jews. The final solution was expulsion to Eastern Europe which is where most jews already lived.

I utterly despise the jews and would love to subject their entire ethno-religious group to a genocide. I also truly wish that the holocaust happened and millions of jews died. But the fact remains that this never happened. I wish that it did but it did not. Millions of jews didn't die or even go missing. There were no homicidal gas chambers. The holocaust is a massive lie used for political reasons and for sympathy and money as well as globalist agenda-pushing. It is wartime propaganda.

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Do you honestly believe that YOU can defeat Islam ? We muslims will conquer the west and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. We won't defeat you by war or terrorist attacks, but through outbreeding you whites. We muslim have 7 to 8 children( Inshallah) per wife and once you add 3 wives you will end up with 21-24 children per muslim, where you whites barely have 1 child and maybe 1 dog. And this happens because you looted our lands in order to drive your $40k mercedes and buy more houses. Your wife and daughters will breed with us and wear headscarfs while we outbreed you from existence.

Um, no, the Nationalists are winning and your shit tribes will disappear, poop people.

Go sweat in the desert and wait like morons.

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Generic *feel good* Facebook post: "Man helps homeless woman" or "Dude helps child with college"

>ALWAYS a white person helping a black person.

Generic *crime story* Facebook post. "Man chased down by police after stealing X" or "Woman attacks police - look what she said her reason was."

>1) Cover my eyes 2) Click on link 3) "If shes white I will scar my forearm." 4) Open eyes 5) SHES B-B-Black C-C-COMBO BREAKER breaker *breaker* breaker..

Every. Fucking. Time.

So please tell me with all of the evidence thrown in your face 24/7. Why is it racist to even talk about the elephant in the room?

I'm ready to own up to how I feel, lose a couple friends, and start speaking the truth about the walking poop people.

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Anonymous #racist archive.4plebs.org

jews did wwii
jews were the nazis (a play on words)
jews mocked mentally ill krauts with "master race"
jews cooked up holocaust
jews, THE JEWS, created and propagated holocaust denial
jews were the antifascist movement in germany
jews were the nazi movement in germany
jews controlled all political elements by pretending to be spies on themselves and reporting what was needed
> hi hitler-chan, i'm the leader of a synagogue, & here is another prominent banker, FYI these extremist jews (gives a list of moderate jews) want to start an uprising!! we are worried of what they will do! they already raped a 10 year old german boy!
(the jews are just like arabs)
> hitler: WASS??!!!? QUICK!! KILL 60,000,000 WHITE PEOPLE!!
hitler was such a cucked nigger
They needed US to join the war - & their deal with Hitler was, stop the revolution, deport the jews - keep some in camps (then they went to kill them - the jews pushed killings)
Japs were likewise tricked
> no no that's impossible
look down at yo dick anon. why don't you have a foreskin? look at the circumcision rates after WWII
kikes, feigning ignorance so they didn't have to register their signature (paranoid fucks) - hence being called kikes - quickly swept up everything in a pre-planned war - DEMANDING FREE SHIT

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Anonymous #racist archive.4plebs.org

When shit goes down you're just another useful idiot. The token chink/colored friend. Is that what you really want to be? A fucking joke to justify the the removal of Tyrone? If shit ever goes down guess who will be the first persons to open up their arms to you? Yeah, that's right, those retarded SJWs. But hey, it's better than to be shot on sight, right. Or being asked where you come from multiple times when in your head you're just an American and it shouldn't matter what you look like. But white nationalists or whatever they call themselves these days will never be able to look at you like you're white, or post-racial, or whatever you call "normal" and subordinate yourself to, because they are bigots, conservatives, and in their heads you're just another subhuman and all they care about is how it looks because they're fucking degenerates with prehistorical tribe rhetorics ooga booga

White supremacists are the niggers or the white race

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1) Without blaming white people, can you explain why 13% of the population of America responsible for 50% of the murders?

2) Why do you blame everything you do on white people?

3) Why do you pretend that America is the only country to ever have black slaves, while ignoring the fact that it's one of the first countries in the history of humanity to abolish slavery?

4) Why do you ignore that there are currently more black slaves in Africa and the Middle East than there ever were in America?

5) What amount of evidence is necessary to prove that a police officer shooting a violent black perpetrator is justified, and not resultant of racism? Are you even capable of such an admission?

6) Will you ever admit that you hate white people?

7) How do you reconcile Martin Luther King's message with your own obsession with race?

8) Do you know what "reconcile" means?

9) How can there be institutional racism against blacks if you can't name one law that is racist in intent?

10) How is Affirmative Action not racist?

11) Why do Asian-American immigrants thrive in America if it's so racist here?

12) Why is your IQ one standard deviation below that of white people?

13) Why do you claim to be superior, yet love white women so much?

14) Why do you love asses?

15) Is it because your skin is poop colored?

16) Why is the only modern form of "black" music incapable of existing without stealing (aka "sampling") other pre-existing songs?

17) Why do you believe, without any evidence, that ancient Egyptians were black? If they were, why aren't any Egyptians black now?

18) Even if Egyptians were black, how would it follow that ALL of you were descended from kings? It's an established fact that not everyone living in ancient Egypt was a king; only the kings were.

19) Why were literally all black people in the history of humanity still living in the stone ages until white people came?

20) Aside from peanut butter, can you name one thing that was invented (not patented) by a black person?

21) Why are African countries that were previously colonized currently in worse shape than they were when they were run by white people?

22) What resources were “stolen” from Africa during imperialism?

23) If America was built on slavery, why was the North, where slavery did not exist, so developed before the Civil War?

24) Can you rebut any of the questions in this list without calling them racist or playing the race card?

By Buzzfeed.

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Anonymous #racist archive.4plebs.org

It relieving when you imagine you are shitting on an Aussie.

You're literally the color of poop my man. Stay the fuck away from my country you disgusting animal.

You will never be a super power. You will continue to be stinky annoying little fucks till the day you die.

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Anonymous #racist archive.4plebs.org

How do centipedes defend Trump's hideous fake tan? I'm really interested to know because I've only seen them ignore it or give some copout like about how the person asking is definitely a libtard or something.

We don’t care about his skin color. We care about his race. We also care about his intentions. His pro-Israel stance is disconcerning but his pro-America (pro American (European)) stance is very attractive.

Fuck doodooskins. Europeans are the best and the rest of you milkshake mistakes can go straight to hell. Lol! You faggots can’t even maintain a morality that includes improvement. You just fuck everything up when given free-reign over development.

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Anonymous #racist archive.4plebs.org

Think about this for a second. If roughly 40% of Gen-Z is non-White and a third of Gen-Z is faggotized then we are looking at an increasingly less brown future (no pun intended).

It is also further proof that doodooskins are much more susceptible to faggotry than Whites.

The unfortunate part is that (((they))) already understand this and are perfectly accepting of this fact by allowing the continual and ever slow process of allowing more and more desperate Turd worlders in to replace the dying population. They plan on doing this for as long as it is a viable for them.

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Anonymous #racist archive.4plebs.org


You should be. You're genetically inferior.

No, I'm Irish - we're the master race that Hitler envisioned, the strongest people that have ever walked this earth, and it's only a matter of time before niggers, radical feminists, faggots, wetbacks and other defective genetic trash are marching into those ovens, their shitflesh being melted and processed, our planet being purified of shit that doesn't belong