various commenters #transphobia

"Cis" is misogyny

It is both a term of abuse and
a form of linguistic apartheid
It robs women of their unique sexual identity.
It Intimidates them into accepting the absurd
proposition that any man can become
a biological female just by announcing it.

( hard_headed_woman )
I simply refuse to be lumped into a subcategory of my own sex.

( chocolatefondant21 )
It’s a made up word for trans-identifying people to not feel like the freaks that they are.

( Jehane )
This. What annoys me about this term is that TIMs claim it's important to illustrate the difference between women and themselves. They claim it's for "clarity". As soon as you point out that using "women" versus "transwomen" is perfectly fine and that everybody will understand what you're talking about, they bristle and insist that no, you have to have a separate category of women, because they know they'll never be seen as real women. So they pretend that there's something like a general category of women that can be divided into cis and trans. These are the same people insisting on inclusion, yet they come up with bullshit like this and an ever-growing acronym to create more apartheid.

( Women1st )

It’s a slur meant to validate males

( SakuraBlossoms )
It's certainly not the most extreme form of misogyny. It is however the claim that we "identify" with the misogynistic social constructs used to oppress us.



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