Stelio Kontos #homophobia

When I started attending the indoctrination centres Americans call college, I was on the fence regarding gay rights. I am Greek Orthodox myself, so I come from a similar religious background as most religious Russians (and others from the Balkans and Eastern Europe).

But as I was exposed to the "gay rights" crowd, I saw nothing but disdain and hatred for my religion. This was quite surprising to me, as learning about the civil rights movement in the US it's obvious faith communities played a vital role. Martin Luther King Jr was a pastor, and he marched with prominent Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox church leaders, along with rabbis and the Muslim community.

So as time has gone on, the view held by most occidentals (westerners) and the bigoted way they talk about any religious views regarding social issues, ended up cementing my view on the issue. I won't condone violence or the killing of gays, but if the Russian government has the backing of the majority of the populace in making laws without being dictated to by less than 5% of the population, more power to them. I'm fine with the Russian laws. I may have been more open to the issue years back, but actually meeting the other side showed me they have no respect or even basic decency for people with religious beliefs. SO I have no reason to support them. At all.



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