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The atomic bomb most likely was another Jesuit fraud. I came to understand it late. But now I really believe that the atomic bomb is a scam like the Germs Theory, the climate change caused by the anthropic CO2, the moon landing, etc. I know that this seems strange, stupid and crazy, even to me seemed like that when I saw for the first time that there was someone that questioned the existence of atomic bomb. Now I think that the atomic bomb is just another great work of authentic Jesuit Theater. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were almost certainly destroyed by fire bomb attacks. Do not confuse the explosive chain reaction (most likely a Jesuit fantasy) with what happens in normal nuclear power plants, they are two different things.

The Jesuit Arrupe, who in 1965 was later appointed Superior General of the Company, the one who is considered the ‘new founder’ of the Company in the 20th century, was in the front line in Hiroshima, on the very day of the launch of the ‘Little Boy’ hoax and remained ‘miraculously’ unharmed and ‘uncontaminated’, despite being only a few kilometers from the epicenter of the supposed explosion, evidently controlling the operations:

Please dedicate a few days or week to the matter, as I did. And read the rest of the article linked below. You can’t judge only after reading a title or a few lines of text.

The Manhattan project was coordinated, among others, by the “Pope” Enrico Fermi, together with his court of Jews, like J. Robert Oppenheimer.)



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