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RE: LifeFuel Taliban kill woman for not wearing burqa in public.

Talibans: Discovering new hights of basedness every day.

The funny thing is, soon every afghan female will embrace their natural place and start to be happy like they havent been in the last 20 years. Cucks will say that they are no longer receptive to feminist propaganda due to censorship. They cant accept that 99% of afghan foids wanted this to happen deep inside.

I was gonna say that I disagreed with their actions and I would rather sexually enslave her as punishment instead of killing her in Minecraft but now that I see the pic it seems like that bitch was pretty ugly lol good riddance

must have called them inkel thinking she was still protected by the globohomo

Reminds me of the Khmer Rouge or the cultural revolution in China.

The western narrative doesn't interpret those events accurately imo and the way I view it goes like this:

The Cambodians and communist Chinese purged their country of people who were westernized (white washed as we say). Mostly killing them all and seizing their property.

The original Chinese communist were aligned with the Slavic-Jewish communist imperialists. A different flavor from Anglo-Jewish capitalist world order but still a cumskin male attempt to shape the world in their image nonetheless.

I think most Asian nations are just satisfied to be themselves, and don't want foreign men coming in to cuck them and steal or influence their women. Which is a tendency that white cumskin men have (whether eastern Slavic-Jewish communists or western Anglo-Jewish capitalists) in bullying/cucking men of the Asian continent.



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