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[Discussion] Since black foids tend to be the least desirable among all races of foids, does it count if you have sex with one?

Wouldn’t this be similar to fucking a fat girl? Fat girls don’t count as ascension, we all know this, but the reason is because they are the least desirable and basically bottom of the barrel when a lot of dudes here are just failed normies basically and aren’t legit subhuman in terms of looks. Wouldn’t the same logic as “ascending” with fat foids apply to “ascending” with black foids since they are the least desirable?

I personally think it counts, but maybe some people here think it doesn’t Jfl.

Sex with black women counts. Sex with fat women counts. Sex with fat black women counts. It's If you wanna just feel sorry for how you didn't get the kind of woman you specifically wanted, there's still subreddits for that.

Sex with fat girls doesn’t count, especially if you aren’t fat yourself. Stop being cucked. This has already been discussed many times. Sex with black girls count as long as they aren’t fat, I agree.

Why? Because I "deserve better?" See if that doesn't get you banned from here. Sex you personally just don't feel counts.

NO. I’m drawing a line. Sex with fat girls is DESCENSION. You only inflate their egos, make women have less a reason to lose weight, and fuck other dudes over in the process. That’s cucked.

Ok, by definition you wouldn’t be incel anymore, that’s true, but the entire point of “ascension” is to stop being a low value male. Fucking fat girls doesn’t change that, you will still be viewed by normies as low value. Not only that but the other problems people have raised as well make this problematic, such as raising fat women’s ego’s and standards, them not being motivated to lose weight, etc



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