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Feminists and SJWs wrongly think that everything about humans is learned behavior and that we feel bad about inceldom because of patriarchal culture

They seem to think that we "learn" to feel bad about our inceldom because we are culturally patriarchal and thus hold ourselves to patriarchal standards (that, as a man, you must be sexually successful, fuck lots of foids or whatever). My desire to have sex is not cultural, it's biological. If it was cultural, I'd never ever prefer JBs over older women for instance, since the western culture I grew up in absolutely demonizes guys my age who want to have sex with teens. It's just that I find them more attractive (because my male straight brain is hardwired to find developed female body + neotenous face the most attractive combination, which has nothing to do with culture) and I also want my partner to be a virgin (which is biologically advantageous as a male).

I don't feel bad about my inceldom because of culture, I do because I have a BIOLOGICAL impulse towards sex and affection, which is not being fulfilled, all the while I SEE guys getting tons of sex and affection because they're good-looking, famous, atrocitymaxxed, etc.

Foids only think everything is learned behavior because all they know is sitting in front of the tv screen or they phone getting indoctrinated with kikejew propoganda.

It's not patriarchal culture hindering my attraction to landwhales and trannies, it's the fact being obese isn't healthy or attractive and having a male bone structure and a penis isn't attractive to me. Let alone having an open wound where your genitals should be.

We can verify this by analyzing man's life in a state of nature (without any societal influence), and see that all this is true.



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