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[Context: Melissa Lucio was a case of an innocent going to get the death penalty unfairly. There was a campaign to save her, and dasho was very adamant about not wanting to donate]

This is a really serious and pressing issue, so if you are not going to help spreading the word or do anything to help, then I would kindly ask of you to stop derailing this thread with cynical hot takes.

I was correcting your inaccurate assertion, which is not "a hot take", and neither is making sure that people are aware of who they might be giving their money to. For instance, they may believe Melissa is innocent but also in the death penalty as a just punishment. These are not cynical statements, and if you could step outside of whatever emotional attachment you have to this issue you'd realize it as well. As long as you don't try to continue to mischaracterize what I've said, I am not going to fuel this any further.



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