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Irish procrastinator, part time modder and music producer. Currently watching all of Western civilization fall to corporate fascism.

Equity is prejudice.

Privilege is subjective.

Censorship is tyranny.

Mockery is imperative.

Equality is just.

Your life matters.

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Problem is, saving the babes IS politically incorrect these days. If this does get out of development, I am fully expecting Duke to be sidelined and ritually humiliated by some insufferable bargain-basement Tessa Thompson-a-like. Deconstruction seems to be all that Hollywood has left.

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This has to be one of the most absurd statements in this thread. I would argue that this is the easiest time in the history of social media for LGBT folks to exist.

If you need to experiment, make a Twitter account, post something like "gender is immutable", and see what happens.

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I thought this would have been clear by now, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. "Toxic masculinity" is a term I don't take seriously, and in practice it is used to vilify men in general. Anybody with a reasonably well-adjusted moral compass doesn't need a diagram to classify behaviors as generally good or generally bad, nor do they need any kind of special language to describe it, nor do they need to confine it to one gender.