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Why the hell do these people get the most sympathy when they have almost zero impact on people's lives.

If a janitor dies, nobody notices because he gets replaced but if a CEO dies, people panick and stockholders start scrambling. So why do people always highlight the lives of irrelevant people who can't do jackshit??? I'm tired of people always talking about the poor, and how we should all help one another; HAS THE POOR EVER HELP ME?? Have they ever had ANY SYMPATHY FOR ME??? Fuck no, so why should't I reciprocate their indifference???

PEOPLE ARE SELFISH. Both rich and poor. We only care about what affects us; the only moment we start caring for others is when we got jackshit to do. That's why these billionaires are often the most generous, they got so much shit that they don't care where it goes anymore; and that's why they could now afford caring about the poor. CHARITY IS A RICH MAN'S LUXURY.



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