Various Commenters #transphobia

TiM is "furious" that female children "get to experience [girlhood] daily without any effort"

( butchplease )
"I'm all "No, I don't wanna go home!" but my mom and the birthday girl's mom tell me "it's a sleepover party. Boys aren't allowed at a girls' sleepover." I was so, so far from understanding that I'm trans at the time that I just didn't have any reply to that. I knew it felt wildly unfair. Like, why? Why is that a rule? But, that was the rule, so I left, just utterly crushed inside for not being allowed to stay. For not being allowed, as I understand it now, to just be "one of the girls" with the rest of them. It's been forty-five years, and I'm still not letting that one go."

This is so beyond pathetic 🤣🤣🤣 oh the childhood trauma of encountering a female space and being told no for the first time in your entitled violent boylife, so you decide to become a skinwalker who intrudes on EVERY intimate female space and destroys all female human rights! Nothing screams "lowlife woman-hater with the potential to murder a feminist one day" like a fifty-year-old manchild who's still throwing testerical fits over that one time he wasn't allowed to intrude on the girls as a child.

( DishonorableTofu )
That comment really disgusted me on another level...

( Earthmoon )
“There is a girl at school I would have literally killed to be”

Why are we supposed to accept these males who regularly talk about how they want to murder us out of jealousy? Plenty of women are jealous of other women and it doesn’t manifest in this kind of talk.

It also couldn’t be clearer that this is a fetish. Sleepovers and trying on clothes? Go do that with some other perverts if you want it so bad. Are those things something that’s portrayed often in porn or something? It really didn’t figure into any girl’s life that I know and it didn’t figure in media much either. I don’t understand where they get it from.

( OwnLyingEyes )
Ahh, so he didn't want A girlhood, he wanted HER girlhood. Or his fetid, fervent imaginings of her girlhood.

Likely porn, and anime, and anime porn. Anime plays up the cute airheaded giggling young girls trope bigtime, generally for male eyes and male desires.

( gncautistic )
If men could cut us open and crawl inside our skins and wear it, they would.

Always be cautious of TIMs. Always.

( mountainwitch )
IRL Skinwalkers



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