onawa ewahee bey #crackpot #conspiracy youtube.com

all rize ande stande. thiis is a sovereigne anciient artikle iii al maroccan moorishe amerikan kunsolar kourte actione. i am livving justise juddge onawa ehawee bey, in red inkk, all lowwer kase letturs, in capitis diminutio nolo, in propria persona sui juris, in proprio solo, ande in proprio heredes, at thiis tiime ande all pointes in tiime. nunc pro tunc. i am an ahscendant uf thee greatt pharaohs uf kemete, ande thee anciient moabites/moab ande thee canaanites. i am exxercising all uf myy righhts at thiis tiime ande all pointes in tiime. NO UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY CITIZEN haas personam jurisdictione, norr subjectes matter jurisdictione, norr terratoriaal jurisdictione, over anyy moorishe amerikan nationaal. youu are kommanded tew state yourr name ande nationaality forr thee rekord ande on thee rekord withhout further komment. i am thee laww, i am thee governmente. myy bodyy, all lande, all resouurces, all kommerce, ande all properrty are in thee jurisdictione uf myy anncesstral innherited essate at thiis tiime ande all pointes in tiime. all properrty tew inklude all properrty klaimed bye subjectes is herebye reepossessed ande lev'eed bye thee origeinaal inndigenous sovereigne peeople whu are thee de jure moorishe nationaal republicc federaal governmente. thiis is yourr due process uf notiice uf intente tew lien all CORPORATIONS ande CITIZENS forr unlawwful occupatione uf sovereigne origeinaal inndigenous landes. [ i do knott own thee righhts tew thee music] all righhts exxercised at all tiimes.



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