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Bastethotep: How is that “the vast majority of children are cuckoos” thing even supposed to work? Have women been secretly been using reliable but non-noticable contraceptives when having sex with their husbands? Are women having really, really lots of extramarital sex, far more than marital sex? Are men too stupid to notice that the schedules don’t line up? This claim goes far beyond “all women are adulterous”.

What about family resemblence? I'm pretty sure too many people have clearly inherited physical traits from their official father for a cuckoldry rate of 80% while no one noticed that most children actually look suspiciously like the mailman/stable boy/pizza delivery guy...

Dialgatime321: It’s entirely possible that females in America have lots of extramarital sex, far more than more marital sex. I guarantee many are. Males do not notice the schedules not lining up, because females are extremely good at sneaking. Additionally, females are very good at controlling who impregnates them even without contraceptives (but I’m sure they sneak those in when they can, too), if the male does not make her feel dominated or overpowered enough.

And regarding family resemblance, for most Americans sadly the child being of the same race is enough to make most fathers believe it is theirs. Often the mother will point to hyper-superfluous resemblances (like “the puffiness of the cheeks”, “pointiness of the chin”, or “hey, he has black/brown hair!” (almost all people have black or brown hair). Yes, the female searches for a “donor” or “donors” whom their husband doesn’t know or doesn’t know very well.



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