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RE: Sick of beckies/low-tier Stacies joining femcel spaces

Im convinced they get some sick high from it .Making accounts to gawk like this is some fckin zoo or to lurk so they can justify being triggered at our "sELfLOaThING" and "WhINinG"🙄 You can never have enough validation or UgGo femcel tears i guess.Look forward to seeing more of them droppin in thanks to the articles being written and people with their superiority bs.

([deleted account])
They do get validation from it. Imagine how good it must make them feel to see girls getting rejected or treated like shit by men, while on the other hand these beckies have simps and orbiters and they never even got rejected by their crush once.

Spot fucking on. They have some twisted superiority complex to flaunt their pretty privilege. Makes me sick. I don't need a reminder that I've been forced to see men's real nature whereas they're still wearing their rose tinted glasses and finding love and comfort in men.

fucking exactly, holy shit femcels are literally fucking zoo animals to these normie bitches,

I wish they would fuck off out of spaces for femcels. They wont because its gets them attention. That's why don't bother with those pages on reddit. Yeah its annoying.

They know are attractive. They want to be most beautiful or hottest women in every room their in. Even though they would never say it when talking feminist issues beauty for women at every age is very important in our society. These young women know it. That's why even though they already have beauty privilege want it to the full max by being flawless gigistacy.

this is so fucking disrespectful

Imagine being such addicted to attention and validation, you intrude spaces meant for ugly women.

dumb whores tbh



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