Various Commenters #transphobia

The Russian soldiers who are raping little girls in Ukraine sure seem to know what makes us female.
I lost the link, but read on Twitter that girls under 10 are coming into the hospitals in Ukraine with rectal/vaginal tearing.

And of course older girls and women are also being raped regularly.

Turns out everyone knows exactly what it means to be a woman/girl when they want to rape us.

( Misssarcasm )
In my eyes the raped women and girls have it worse than the killed men.

I wonder what the many many "transwomen" say to this. If they feel jealous.

( omerta )
In war people expect women to be raped, it's just a a casual thing that happens as a result.

When it happens to men/boys, on the other hand, that's when it becomes an atrocity, a terrible human rights violation, etc. etc. because men are supposed to die with dignity during war while women suffer and are humiliated.

A non-passing TIM would be clocked and likely murdered, not raped, although many of them may fantasize about it. I don't think any passing TIM would be able to pass military fitness tests (would gain too much muscle) so that's not something they care much about.

( Snowy )
I have no doubt some of them actively fantasize about it.

( Gladys_Kravitz )
It's part of the perks of joining the military. It's been known for thousands upon thousands of years.

( pennygadget )

I wonder what the many many "transwomen" say to this. If they feel jealous.

They'd say: "Just tell the Russian soldiers you identify as a boy and that raping you would be gay!"



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